Celebrate Your Moments...

We are so excited to soon be creating portraits of your family!

As we mentioned in our process, Ordering Sessions are adults only and there is not an option for children to be present.

Because we do require that both parents be present to the end of the ordering session, we want to make sure you are aware of the following resources regarding child care so you have time to reach out and make arrangements with them:



This is a great service that provides child care that fits your needs with the average rate of $12.75 per hour – you can post a job and search for FREE and the best part – they even offer children care providers that speak languages other than English.



Bambino makes finding a local babysitter you can trust, easier than ever. with an app that is easy to use and you can even see who your friends recommend.  Fastest and easiest way to find someone with good experience.

Please note that we are not affiliated with these companies but these are recommended resources from current clients who have used them.

Thank you for understanding that having your children at the ordering session is not an option, and we appreciate you making arrangements for someone to care for them while you place your order.

Know that we look forward to meeting your family!

Be well,

Award Winning Portrait Artist