Why is it SO important to have

a beautiful portrait of your family

displayed on the walls of your home?


Watch the video below to find the answer!


Imagine how incredible it would be if one day, years from now,

your child is able to look at their portrait and say:

“I come from THAT kind of love.

I belong to something bigger than myself. I am special.

My family loves me.”


OUR MISSION is for every child to grow up in a home with a beautiful portrait that is a daily reminder of how loved and special they are.


Studies have shown that children with family portraits on their walls feel a sense of place in their family and go on to be more successful.


To quote David Krauss, a licensed psychologist, “I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit. A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected. Kids get it on a really simple level.”

Learn more about the Ever After experience…


CELEBRATE THE ONES YOU LOVE with a portrait experience that will last a lifetime.

Experience family portraits with your loved ones like never before – your ultimate family photography experience awaits.

Within every person, there is a story that deserves to be told.
We promise to tell the story of your love, life and relationships that you hold most dear.
You will be spending time not only WITH your family but AS a family.

Life can be busy, complicated, and stressful and it can be easy to get caught up in this and forget about what really matters.
We are here to help you remember the connections with the people that mean the most to you and capture the love and relationships there.
By taking you on an emotional journey, we will create beautiful works of art that you will absolutely love to display on your walls!
The resulting fine art of your family is neither aggressively modern nor stiffly old-fashioned but instead results in a time-out-of-time style.

Isn’t now the best time for a portrait worthy of the spotlight in your home?

What are the sweetest moments of your day?
Is it the look in your child’s eyes or their face as it lights up when they see you coming home from work?
Or is it when your little one cuddles into you as you read them their bedtime story?
Or perhaps it’s the last kiss goodnight?

Together, we will celebrate those moments and help you experience them over and over again, every single day. We can’t wait to make you smile.


There is always a reason why you want a portrait of someone you love, and the true reason is usually beneath the surface.

Your experience with us begins with diving into what you are truly longing to have captured in a portrait through fun conversations we call discovery calls!
We learn about you, those you want to include in your experience, and what makes them so special to you!

Does Susan love jumping off of things?
Is riding in his toy car little Alex’s favorite thing to do?
Do you just love the way your infant’s tiny feet fit in your hands?
These are all things that translate into photographs that tell the story of your loved ones.

What would it feel like if you, your partner, your family were captured through your eyes with everything YOU love about them?
What is it you absolutely adore about your little one right now?
What is it that makes her unique to YOU ‑ that special something that only you know and would love to hold on to forever?
If you are expecting right now, what is it that makes your pregnancy so special?
What made you fall in love with your partner in the first place?
We want to hear your story.

After we speak with you and find out what YOU would love to have, we customize your portrait session and start planning your artwork, artwork that will be a reminder of the beautiful things you have in life.

During your calls, we will also discuss customized artwork for your home.
We know that each client’s needs are different and we tailor products specifically for your home, providing you with a personalized quote for your artwork.


All of our sessions include a Planning Session by phone, where we discuss the vision for the session and any specific ideas or requirements you may have.

At our Design Session, we will discuss styling options, clothing ideas, accessories, and color palette, with all these elements influencing the mood and tone of the portraits.
We will work together to create a session plan so you’re fully informed and know what to expect when you arrive for your portrait session.

Because we want to make sure that the artwork we custom design for you is perfect for your home, we use a specialized design software.
We use it to create custom wall art mockups to show you exactly how your finished artwork will look on your walls – AND make sure they are the perfect size – as well as coordinating with your home décor.
As part of that process, we’ll ask that you send a mobile phone snapshot of any walls in your home where you are considering hanging your portraits.

In addition, as part of our custom service, we invite you to take advantage of our Studio Wardrobe – custom coordinated and styled for your WHOLE FAMILY – pressed and ready to change into when you arrive!

Using our Studio Wardrobe is guaranteed to take the stress out of what to wear!


After discovering what is important to you, we celebrate everything we have discovered about you and your loved ones and craft the perfect portrait session.

Your family is unlike any other. Nobody can replace the unique bond you share with each other, that feeling of warmth, safety and complete and unconditional love. As your children grow, your family changes. In the blink of an eye, tiny babies become towering teens, and so much of those precious family moments are left forgotten. As a mother, I know just how hectic life can be. Often parents are left behind the lens, capturing pictures here and there wherever they can.

A family portrait session is designed to press pause on everyday stresses and strains, so you can come together to celebrate the beauty of your family, preserving the timeless bond you all share with breathtaking portraits that you’ll treasure forever. Take a moment and enjoy uninterrupted time with just you and your family, expertly captured to create beautiful, bespoke memories that will stay with you, close to your heart.

Remember, this session is more than just taking photographs.
It’s a celebration of your life and relationships… whether it’s three crazy little boys full of life, or an older dog with a beautiful life to remember, or perhaps a mom with her daughter and best friend. My main goal is to capture the beautiful connection between family members, showcasing the immense love parents have for their children and vice versa.

The hustle and bustle of the outside world melts away as you and your family are welcomed into our studio to enjoy a special uninterrupted experience together – laughing, smiling, embracing – sharing all those beautiful moments that make your family unique. I specialize in creating an unforgettable family portrait experience that captures the special relationship between all family members – that unspoken magic between a mother and a son, a father and a daughter, a brother and a sister, the unbreakable love between a parent and their child and the unique complex connection that only siblings share.

We focus on the family as a whole as well as capturing each member individually, giving everyone their own quiet moment in the spotlight.
You will be gently guided through the entire process culminating in portraits that showcase the precious bond you all share.

This session takes place in an enjoyable and relaxed environment and is a lot of fun for everyone! During the session, our priority is always you and your family’s comfort.

As a professional studio, we fully understand that not everyone feels natural in front of a camera. Making my clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their session is my priority. Our years of experience, professional approach and excellent knowledge of posing allow us to gently guide clients through the session so that every member of the family feels confident and looks their best.

The result is stunning, expressive portraits. Most often, my clients purchase finished Wall Art collections filled with expressive portraits that celebrate the family bond and reflect the unique personality of each member of their family.

We take everything we’ve learned about you and your loved ones and we celebrate all those special things. Don’t worry about making everything perfect, because it is in the imperfection we really find our true selves.

This personal photographic experience will capture the essence of who you and the people you love most are and turn them into meaningful portraits.
Sessions can be photographed in our Indoor Studio or our Outdoor Portrait Park and we generally block off 1.5 hours in our schedule.


This is the most exciting part! After the portrait session is complete, we will select and carefully hand edit the best portraits.

Your Ordering Appointment, which will take place within 2 weeks after your Portrait Session, is where you will see your beautiful portraits and place your order.

Now’s the time when you get to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the cinematic premiere of your portraits.
Our design consultant will work with you to finalize your order and the perfect collection of favorite portraits and wall art. Your collection will showcase you and your loved ones in your home (and maybe your office) as a visual reminder of what is most precious to you.
Don’t worry; we’ll have tissues on hand!  It’s quite an emotional experience! Be ready to fall in love with your family all over again.

We help you finalize your artwork and place your order.  We prefer cash or check, but accept credit cards and have financing options available.

The first part of the journey is completed when you take possession of your custom luxury Artwork and display your portraits on your walls.
The journey continues each day as you experience your wall art as a reminder of the beautiful relationships in your life that you hold most dear.

Your Moments…Forever.


An additional service that we offer is having your portraits delivered and installed in your home.

About 4-6 weeks after your order has been placed, retouched and approved, you can choose to have your portraits delivered and installed in your home.

This service eliminates the “a little to the left” fights between well-meaning husbands and micro-managing wives (or vice versa;).

Let us handle the heavy lifting and hanging.


The cost of a custom portrait session and heirloom products is often referred to as an investment.

This is because the portraits we take and artwork we create become increasingly valuable to the owner over time as each portrait portrays a family’s love, connection and personality.

Our services are for those that value quality artwork. An Ever After Portrait Original is made to be handed down for generations and becomes a showpiece in each family’s home.

If the size of your TV screen is larger than your family portraits, what message are you sending your children about what is truly important?

Sometimes society gives us permission to spend money on things that aren’t really VALUABLE…like $$$$ on a big screen…after all, how much has your family spent on updating your iPhone in say, the last five years?

In life, we will get moments where we get to choose to place our money into something of quality that shows everyone what we truly care about, what we feel is worth celebrating.

We invite you to visit our Investment Page to learn more.