Giving Back to Our Community is Our Mission

Since the beginning, Ever After has donated family portraiture to those who serve our community. We proudly continue that tradition today.
A family portrait becomes a part of a family’s history, often handed down through generations.
As experts in family wall portrait art, we provide an invaluable service including portrait art for families to display and cherish in their homes forever.  Everyone needs a family portrait. Our Gift Certificates are highly sought after and families often drive 2+ hours as what we do is so unique and special.
By offering something so emotionally valuable, we are the perfect choice to help with your fundraiser. Nearly everyone wants what we do.
Giving back to the local community is a big part of our hearts. We are honored to have given portraits, gift certificates, and monetary donations to schools, organizations, charities and many other causes we care about. It is one of our missions to continue this effort and help as many in need as possible!
We understand that businesses and their communities must work together. We focus on connecting with the families and charitable organizations in our community so we encourage unity and strength in the place we call home.​ We focus on giving to family & child focused organizations, animal associations, medical organizations, and organizations for arts & sciences.
Through the years we are proud to have donated more than $545,000 in portrait commissions and artwork as a local business supporting local families.  We have already BLOWN last year’s goal out of the water, and we will continue this trend each new year, continuing to give to local non-profits for fundraising needs.
If you know of any charity or non-profit in the Virginia, Maryland or DC region that could benefit from a donation, please let us know!


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