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The Portrait Box 

Our Portrait Box is a perfect addition to a home that features Wall Art. After all, you can’t possibly display every portrait you love on your walls! All of our Portrait Boxes are made of a high-quality handcrafted construction. They’re designed to last a lifetime if properly maintained and kept out of direct sunlight. Inside you can nestle your sturdy mounted portraits from your session. What better way to continue to share your family’s story than through more of your lovely portraits?!


The LEGACY Artisan Box
Handcrafted at a bindery in Italy, lovingly created with the finest leather, our Legacy Artisan Box is the perfect addition to your Wall Art!

With its classic fine-art look, this lovely leather-wrapped box, complete with a clear viewing window, is an especially beautiful way to display your other favorite portraits in your home, on a table or bookcase. It is the ultimate in stunning simplicity, luxury and craftsmanship.

Properly maintained and kept out of direct sunlight, the Artisan Box is designed to last a lifetime – and beyond. Your gorgeous mounted portraits will be cherished for generations to come!

The DESIGNER Portrait Box
Our Designer Portrait Box is built with quality wood construction, fully wrapped in fine leather, and features a magnetic closure. If kept out of direct sunlight, your great-grandchildren will enjoy your precious moments in 150 years or more. Your memories don’t have to be limited to just one lifetime!

The included display stand makes it versatile, so you can display a portrait outside the box depending on who is visiting, as well as always look at something new.


The BEBE COTERIE Portrait Box
Our Bebe Coterie Portrait Box is exclusive to our Newborn Baby Line. It is built with fine quality materials, and will feature one of your selected baby portraits on its cover!


The Album

Our aim is to encase your stunning portraits within a meticulously handcrafted Album that will endure not merely for decades, but for centuries! Truly, these albums have to be seen to be believed! Tell the whole story, all of the sides of who you and your family are, with craftsmanship and quality to last. Make sure your grandchildren value your family legacy while holding cherished printed memories in their hands.

The LEGACY Platinum Album

Our Legacy Platinum Album is handcrafted in Italy, bound in the finest leather.

Each Album is custom designed just for your family, not from a template but with the eyes of an artist for detail and with a personal touch to ensure your album is distinctly your own. Personalized to you and available in your choice of leather colors, this is your family’s album, and your story done your way. The paper and inks used in the creation of this album mean it is rated to last for centuries. Future generations will treasure your album, one full of your family’s portraits from this moment in time!

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The DESIGNER Gold Album

Our Designer Gold Album is printed on fine art paper with vibrant and vivid archival inks, bound in fine leather. Seamless, lay-flat pages with no crease, printed on thick, heavy material to resist bending mean your portraits are on display without distraction. Each custom-designed Album is rated to last 150 years or more.

lux·u·ry/ˈlək-sh(ə-)rē/noun – an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease

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