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Continuing in our series of guest bloggers . . . Ky Washington of Bridal Artistry accepted our invitation to share the latest trends on bridal hair fashions.

Ky writes:

Every bride is different, and has her own ideas for her big day.  But trends in the industry are ever evolving as brides evolve.  Here are some of the big ones:

Natural Hair:

The “undone look”, I call it.  Brides like their hair to look like it’s naturally straight, wavy, or curly. Like they just woke up, brushed it and voila!  Gorgeous hair.  To achieve this look, use minimal product and one that does multiple functions.  My favorite is a styling cream.  Styling creams add control, texture and shine and can be used with or without heat.  This is Jen Aniston kind of hair.  Beyonce also wore her hair in this nature for her wedding.

Half up, Half down:

Brides of today love versatility and nothing says I’m glamorous but not trying too hard like this style.  And with a slew of celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Eva Longoria Parker choosing this style for their big days, it’s more popular than ever!  This can be tailored to your individual style, i.e. loose and flowy, or classic.  Pointers:  This style works best for spring and fall weddings unless your entire event is inside.


Since the popularity of shows like Jersey Shore and Jerseyliscious, over-the-top volume has come back in a big way.  I have never had so many clients ask for “Jersey” hair, than this year!  Volume can be great as it adds drama to your look — and can also give a sweet gown more edge.  My advice is to make sure if you ask for this, your style is still timeless.  You don’t want to date your wedding photos.

Whatever trend speaks to you, go for it.  And enjoy wedding bliss!

Ky Washington, a Bridal Artistry team pro, is a Hair Designer and Makeup artist working with celebrities, brides, and private clients.  She currently resides in the Washington DC area with her husband, cosmetics, and fabulous shoe collection.

Ky Washington for Bridal Artistry
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