If you’re searching: family photographer near me and you’re looking for photography near Brambleton VA then you’ve come to the right place.

So you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. Well, I’ll tell you. We got in! We got in! ACCEPTED!! YESSSSS!

Now let me explain the seemingly teenage hysteria. Cake and Pictures is a website — www.Cakeandpictures.com — and we, Ever After Portraits (Mindy and Joriana Belcher), just got accepted to join this highly prestigious site, making us number 8 in the list of Virginia photographers accepted!  Exciting!!!

The explanation is as follows:
“Cake and Pictures is the only website exclusively dedicated to bringing brides and wedding planners a comprehensive selection of just the very best wedding photographers from around the world. We’re highly selective about the photographers we show, and while we list our photographers according to where they live (in 50 cities in the U.S. and several countries around the world), all of our photographers are accustomed to traveling for weddings, and can shoot yours, wherever it might be.”

So, why should you hire us to photograph your wedding?? Because we said so! Lol. Just kidding. But really, Cake and Pictures says we’re good so maybe you should check us out.