Ready For Family Portraits

You’ll Cherish Forever?


After your “Family Love Story” Phone Consultation

… you will come away with:

Feel more connected to…

  • How to tell your family story in a way that reveals your unique relationships and personalities through your photos that will be treasured by those you love for the next 150 years

  • Y0u’ll be excited to learn how to do all this easily in a way that perfectly fits your style and lifestyle

  • A plan to show how important your family connection is to your kids and where to beautifully display it in your home as inspired artwork so that it brings the most joy

  • Feel more connected to your family than you have in years, knowing who you are, what you mean to each other and what’s most important



  • We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

What Others Are Saying…

“Immediately it felt like I was talking to an old friend…it made me think about the little things about my son and daughter that I love but didn’t realize I was taking for granted.  The day of the session, we were excited for it, even the kids. We had a blast, and spent the rest of the day together as a family.  When we saw the slideshow she put together, I’m not ashamed to say I cried, and my husband got a little choked up too.  We ended up with sensational portraits for our living room wall and then collections for my son’s and daughter’s rooms.  There were just too many favorites, so we also got an album.  If you’re anything like me, actual professional family portraits isn’t something you think about much. But my kids are growing up!  I wanted memories of this time in their lives, the time when we’re still all together and they still need us. This was truly an experience, one that my husband, my kids and I will never forget.” — Rose G.

“I went in with very high expectations and they were absolutely met and then some! You guys were fantastic with my kids and really able to capture them at their finest. The whole shoot was fun and even the reluctant children admitted it wasn’t so bad. The photos of my husband and I especially were really beautiful. The most frequent comment I have gotten about it was how great the photographs captured how Greg and I feel about each other. That’s exactly what I was going for. The end result – absolutely fabulous! I will treasure these photographs for the rest of my life, truly.” — Barbara Fontaine