Professional photographer family from Dulles, VA come to our studio for a family photo.

My friend, Neal Jacob,   tagged my blog!   Now I have to appear to be witty by sharing eight  random  facts  about myself and then tag eight blogs.   Egads!

Well…since I’m kinda random anyhow…here’s 8 random things about me you probably don’t care to know…;>}:

1.   I have lived in Sterling for the 18 years, but I am a true Southerner, born and bred in Tennessee.

2.   My husband, daughter, sister, mom, dad and aunt all live with us — my Aunt is homebound — my mom and aunt keep us all on our toes.

3.  My husband and I  love to camp.

4.   I have a captain’s license from my old sailing days.

5.   I graduated 3rd in my class and got to give the class ‘prophecy’ as to where we would all be in 20 years.

6.   In school, I was voted Most Talented in my senior year.

7.   I hate scarey movies.

8.   My husband and I were high school sweethearts.


Have to tag 8 people?   Okay, here goes —

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4. Melissa and Rene Tirado

5.   Ulysses and Jeni

6. Alicia Williams

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