When was the last time you gathered your family for professional family photos? We encourage you to not wait for your next professional family photos! And, we don’t say this to be self-serving. As family photographers here in the Northern VA area (near Broad Run, VA and Ashburn, VA), we truly understand why family portraits are so important.
Time is as fleeting as water flowing through our fingers. You can’t really stop it. Pictures, however, can help you capture time as well as memories.
Our children grow all too quickly. Our parents age before we realize it. We can’t turn back time, but we can capture our families in portraits. One day, all too soon, those family portraits will help you reminisce.
We often hear from clients anxious to schedule professional pictures that they had delayed the portraits long enough. They’re ready! When we ask why they waited so long, we hear any number of reasons including: challenging or conflicting schedules due to travel, athletics, lessons, school schedules. Cost is a concern for some clients while appearance (usually weight) is another concern. Parents sometimes admit that certain family members (usually teens) would rather not have their portraits taken. And, sometimes a client will admit that it simply hadn’t occurred to them to take professional pictures. Others regret waiting so long between family portraits.
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Documenting children’s lives

Children grow before our very own eyes — and very quickly! We recommend regular family portraits to document your children’s changing looks as they grow. Documenting your child’s life through professional pictures offers you the opportunity to marvel at their growth as measured in their portraits. We can assure you from experience that one day you’ll look at your teen and wonder where the cherub cheeks and angelic curls went. (Some of you also might wonder when the sweet little angel transformed!). Those family portraits from earlier years will suddenly be so very precious!
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Photos can evoke incredibly powerful memories and emotion. Sometimes, however, the decision to not take portraits also can prove poignant. Several years ago, an article written by photographer, Jeanine Thurston, made its way around photography cyberspace and for a good reason. While the article validated the importance of documenting people’s lives through photography, it broke our hearts. Jeanine wrote about a letter she had received from a young mother whose wedding portraits she’d taken a few years earlier. While terminally ill, the young mother wrote a letter to Jeanine for her husband to deliver after her death when he was ready. In the letter, the young mother told Jeanine how she had thought about doing professional portraits with her but had chosen instead to spend the money it would have taken on other things. The letter was to tell Jeanine how much she regretted not having that family photo to leave for her children. Enough said. (You can read the letter by clicking on the link “article” at the beginning of the above paragraph.)
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Self Esteem in Children

Several studies have now shown how photography of your family displayed in your home can boost your children’s self esteem. The studies indicated that children who grew up in homes with family portraits grew up feeling they belonged, feeling valued, and being part of a family unit, all leading to higher self esteem.
Family photos are important because they depict our lives today for tomorrow, for the family you love, the children you are raising, and the grandchild yet to be born. As the years pass, family photos give us a tangible link to our past, to the family we will always love.
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If you are ready to schedule your family portraits, contact us! We enjoy helping clients across the Northern Virginia area, including Broad Run, VA and Ashburn, VA, document their memories and capture time through our portraiture!
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Ever After Portraits is comprised of Mindy and Joriana Belcher, a mother-daughter photography team located in Northern Virginia. We specialize in timeless and emotive fine art family portraits.
Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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