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Thought I would share some kudos we just receive from two of our awesome couples!!!

From Jonathan and Leslie:

They are breathtaking, funny, beautiful, and just perfectly done. We couldn’t be happier. There are alot of photos we are going to buy.  I mean ALOT! …My friend loves your work so much I could almost guarantee you will be photographing her wedding…

Terrific job on everything and thanks for bearing with all the stress of the day and the weather. Turns out the little sickness I had was pnuemonia. Oh well. that took a bit to clear up but despite that you got great photos.

You surpassed our expectations!  We loved the way you worked and my bridesmaids mentioned how comfortable and relaxed they felt. Everyone was able to be themselves and it shows in our photos and thats what we wanted. Natural pictures. Your rates are good. I think you have put yourself perfectly where it’s competitive yet not too steep. I like the names of your packages very cute. Flexibility! you all must have been born with it flowing through your blood. If we wanted or had ideas you listened and that goes with responsiveness. You all are very fun and professional. I love that you have unique ideas for capturing moments we forgot about. Looking through photos I was laughing and having a great time. Even my friends said that they liked the pictures online and the way you set up our sneak peak. I think one of my friends said she watched it at least 10 times a day. She was humming the song out in service. I have never heard her hum before.  I  think everything was beautifully done and you all really did capture our once upon a time…

Thank you a thousand times!  Keep up that awesome work! I will recommend you both to everyone I can!

Much love,

Leslie and Jonathan

From David and Danielle:

Hello Mindy and Joriana,

Thank you so much for the amazing job that you both did last week.  We were truly Blessed to have a picture day and even more blessed to have the PERFECT photographers. The slide show is FANTASTIC!!!!  Everybody who sees it remarks at how wonderful the photographs are and they always say  your photographers are really great!!  We have already referred you all to a couple of people so do not be surprised if you here from some of our lovely guests and friends.  We can’t wait to see the rest of the images!!!!  Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!