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As a professional photographer in the Bluemont, VA and Sterling, VA area, we used to think a lot about what the elements of bad photography are. Let’s just say that we have had personal experience with bad photography. At some point in their career, every photographer has been too familiar with it! However, like most photographers, we have grown a lot since our early years, and we have learned from our mistakes.

Defining Photography:
Simply put, photography documents or captures imagery. So, how can you get that wrong? How can it be “bad”?

What Makes Bad or Good Photography?
We know that to produce good photography, we have to invest ourselves in the subject and the portrait. Without that investment, the photograph is likely to lack depth or dimension. But, there’s more:

• A technically perfect picture (composition, balance, etc.) doesn’t always equal a good picture.
• We learned early on that there’s more to good (or bad) photography than perfect composition.
• Bad photography falls flat. It doesn’t evoke emotion or capture depth – whatever its subject.
• A bad portrait doesn’t reflect its subject’s personality.
• Whether a portrait is of a building or a baby, a photograph should draw the viewer into the picture – an invitation to step closer and stare.
• A good photograph should pull at you either emotionally or intellectually.
• A good photograph stops you in your tracks like a good piece of art.
• The subject doesn’t have to be looking at the camera for the shot to be good. Sometimes the best portraits are the more candid ones, without anyone looking right at the camera.
• Good photography is a piece of art!

If you’d like to avoid bad photography, here are three things to keep in mind when selecting a professional portrait photography studio:

1. The photographer should want to know at least a little bit about you before you arrive for your session. The more invested the photographer is in their client, the better the outcomes.
2. You should select a photographer with which you are comfortable. You’ll be more relaxed, and your portraits will come out looking more natural and candid.
3. Experience matters – greatly!

If you’d like to work with a reputable and experienced professional photographer in the Bluemont, VA and Sterling, VA area, contact our studios for some good photography!


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