Your Moments...Forever. We offer various types of Portrait Sessions to fit your decor and lifestyle for those who value portraits as an art form worthy of an investment

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Your Gift Certificate* is for a Portrait Session

and a 10″ Fine Art Portrait

with a value of $1,000



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-The Custom Design Session


-The Essential Session


-The Standard With Love Session




A reservation holding fee will apply. This is to ensure your commitment to attending your session as we will book out our studio time exclusively for your family.

HOWEVER, because you were selected, at your Ordering Session appointment, your holding fee will be AUTOMATICALLY refunded to you, resulting in ZERO cost to you for our Essential and Standard Sessions!

-The Custom Design-

Limited Edition Artist Sessions


This is THE ultimate stress-free experience for your family! In this 60-minute Portrait Session, your family will experience a custom “Vanity Fair”-style Portrait Session tailored to you.  (90 minutes total Studio time)  There will only be 25 Limited Edition Artist Sessions.

In addition to your family portrait, each family member will receive a full portrait experience.  The portraits of JUST your children we create FOR YOU and FOR THEM, with genuine expressions, not fake smiles – because our moms love natural expressions, even the more serious ones.

The resulting Fine Art Portraits have a profound effect!  Awkwardness will transform into confidence when they see themselves through eyes of love as a cherished member of your family. A portrait is a way to help your CHILD see IN THEMSELVES what you WANT them to see ABOUT themselves. Portraits will tell your child something – what’s that going to be for them?

Life-long benefits result when your little ones understand how truly beautiful, loved and important they really are through fine art portraits that celebrate their timeless beauty, strength and confidence.

We will create a portrait of your child WITH YOU – because ONE day, your child’s portrait WITH YOU will be their most treasured possession.

Everything in The ESSENTIAL Session is included, PLUS:

  • The largest variety of beautiful and empowering poses to choose from
  • Not sure what your family should wear? Take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE STUDIO WARDROBE!
  • We will custom style our Studio wardrobe for your family so you will have a perfect stress free “Vanity Fair”-style coordinated portrait
  • Our one-of-a-kind Ever After Experience
  • Cinematic Portrait selection
  • $500 Holding Fee, $300 Fully Refundable

Note: Due to the time and custom nature of this session, we require a $500 holding fee, of which $200 is NON-REFUNDABLE, even if you were gifted or were selected for a session. The remaining $300 is 100% happily refunded at your Ordering Session appointment!  Products purchased separately.



-The Essential-


A 45-minute Portrait Session (60 minutes total Studio time)

What if your family could see the bond of love you share?

What if your children could see themselves as beautifully as you do?

What if they could have the gift of undeniable confidence? With The Essential Session, they can!

  • Poses and posture to bring out the beauty of your family and your children’s most confident self
  • Create the perfect wall art display as we guide you with custom wall art suggestions
  • Our neutral setting, the perfect look for your family
  • Masterfully photographed by our expert  photographer
  • Enjoy a Zoom portrait selection appointment for your utmost convenience
  • $350 Holding Fee, Fully Refundable

Note: $350 REFUNDABLE holding fee, 100% happily refunded at your Ordering Session appointment!  Products purchased separately.




-The Standard With Love-


Our Standard Session

20-minute Portrait Session to quickly capture a petite collection of portraits (45 minutes total Studio time)

If your ideal is just a few portraits to choose from and a short session, this one is for you!

  • Simple poses and styling
  • Enjoy a convenient Zoom portrait selection appointment from the comfort of your home.
  • $300 Holding Fee, Fully Refundable

Note: $300 REFUNDABLE holding fee 100% happily refunded at your Ordering Session appointment!  Products purchased separately.




*Gift Certificate Details:

• You’ve been gifted a Fine Art Family Portrait Experience and a 10″ Fine Art Portrait with a value of $1000. The 10″ size is fully covered by your gift, and is also just the beginning of what is possible.

• Most do prefer wall art in a more significant size; the larger the art piece is, the more powerful its impact is able to be. And, everyone loves more than just one 🙂 If this is true for you as well, your certificate may be applied as a credit towards a larger Fine Art Portrait.

• Fine art pieces range from $500 to $20,000 for a museum quality piece as large as your couch. You are free to choose whichever option makes your heart sing. Portraits are custom crafted for each family, with lovely options for every budget, as well as comfortable payment plans.