Meaningful Portraits of  What Matters Most

At Ever After, we begin with the end in mind.  The aim of every Portrait Session is to create stunning portraits to be displayed in your home, one with impressive simplicity and luxury craftsmanship.

Every piece of your fine art is custom-designed to reflect your family’s style and the spaces in which you live.  From intimate pieces to more grand custom art pieces shared above a fireplace or behind a sofa, we work with clients whose needs vary yet who all are unwavering in their desire for something bespoke and beautiful.

With careful collaboration throughout the process, every choice along the way leads to a perfect end result: priceless fine art pieces that will be passed down and treasured through the generations of your family.

Custom entry level wall art starts at $1,500

Your next step is to speak on the phone so that we may gather a little information about your family and your home decor, as well as answer any of your preliminary questions.


Interested In Learning More?

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$500 Spending Credit



$1,000 Spending Credit



$500 Spending Credit

A portion of your Session Fee becomes a Credit toward Purchase






  • Personalized Planning and Design Session
  • Wardrobe Styling like a stylist would, with guidance and custom clothing suggestions
  • Your unique Portrait Session will be designed to capture the relationships you share with the ones you love the most.
  • Your Ordering Appointment takes place 1-2 weeks after your session — we will guide you with our Artist eye, making recommendations for your fine art pieces, based on our collaboration together
  • Our state-of-the-art software allows us to virtually place your favorite portraits on different walls of your home so we can determine the best size and location to create impact for your finished art pieces
  • Professional, individualized retouching and artistry on all purchased pieces
  • Master Retouching and a Lifetime Warranty are standard with every Wall Art order.
  • Your finished portraits are prepared with painstaking attention to detail, created with exquisite craftsmanship, using only the finest materials.  They are as bespoke as they are beautiful – chosen to reflect your family’s style
  • Matching digitals are available with all purchased Wall Art Pieces, Albums and Portrait Boxes and are perfectly suited for social media sharing
  • Archiving of your purchased portrait files
  • Professional installation is available for any artwork over 40” at your home or office
  • Happiness Guarantee



Our Legacy Line

Our distinguished Legacy Portrait Line of fine wall art portraits will be cherished by you now and will become the most valuable art your grandchildren will ever own.

Our Masterpiece Finish is our most exquisite offering and is what our Studio is known for. This finish is perfect for those clients who prefer the look of a commissioned oil painting. On Canvas, this mixed media painted art piece starts as a photograph, is enhanced with hand-painted brushstrokes, and completed with a handcrafted, custom frame.

Our Signature Finish is a timeless marriage of the realism of photography with the richness of artistry. As a modern finish, there are no brushstrokes. This finish, too, is created to the highest archival museum quality standards, and completed with a handcrafted, custom frame.

from $1500


Our Designer Line

Handcrafted in Italy and surrounded by a seamless wooden panel with a 3D molded hanger, our Designer Portrait Line is an amazing combination of design and technology, custom created for your home and lifestyle in your choice of three finishes. As fine museum quality art with a modern twist, this line offers three distinctly unique finishes of artwork for the discerning client: Gallery Canvas, Steel and Ice.

Our Gallery Canvas Wall Art is a timeless yet modern choice for portraits in your home. It is archival certified on cotton canvas with 12 color printing, and has an exclusive protective anti-glare finish. It will never collapse, sag or bulge. Bring a little bit of the art gallery to your home with this fine art finish!

Our Ice Wall Art is the ultimate dynamic, glossy presentation – contemporary and unique. Once printed, it is opaque, highlighting the vibrant colors and breathtaking detail. The ultra-transparent panel ensures a long-lasting fine art piece. It is perfect for the discriminating client looking for an ultramodern way to display their portrait artwork.

Our Steel Wall Art is clean and contemporary, perfect in a matte finish with just a hint of metal shine peeking through. The colors are infused into the metal for a dramatic result. Metal artwork is a durable, anti-scratch, water-proof art piece for your home. It is so unique, it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. This finish provides an edgy look for the contemporary family.

from $1500


When you decide you just cannot part with your portraits but love more than you can realistically display on the wall, we offer beautifully designed custom Albums and Portrait Boxes as the solution!


Legacy Platinum and Designer Gold Albums are handcrafted by skilled artisans and available in your choice of sizes and covers. Each album is custom designed specifically for you

from $4000

(add on an album to your wall art purchase and we will say thank you with 50% off)


Legacy Artisan and Designer Portrait Boxes are custom designed with your favorite curated portraits, allowing you to tell more of your family’s beautiful story.

from $3500

(add on a portrait box to your wall art purchase and we will say thank you with 50% off)

Because we want you to feel safe during our collaborative experience, no decisions, commitment, or product payment is required from you until your Ordering Session. And, because we want you to purchase what you love, if you don’t love what we create, you are not required to purchase a thing!

We believe professional portraits deserve to be displayed in your home. Our fine art products suit a range of tastes, lifestyles and budgets from traditional to modern. You can choose from mounted prints, print collections, wall art, albums, portrait boxes.

Matching digitals are available with all purchased Wall Art Pieces, Albums and Portrait Boxes and are perfectly suited for social media sharing, cards and for creating gift prints sized 10″ and below.

Prints, museum quality, mounted and coated to last (these are NOT floppy paper prints) start at $495 each, and are less expensive in bundles –
the more you purchase, the less you pay.
Entry level Wall Art portraits start at $1,500.

Most families spend $1,500-$3,000 plus on their portrait collection.
Prices range up to $20,000 for the largest portrait we can create.

Your choice of two payment plans are available for your convenience.


Celebrate those you love as bespoke fine art

We do not provide the experience or produce the work of most studios,
as we are the only portrait studio in the state that does this caliber of work.


All of our artwork is custom, hand finished and you will find that
our fine art pricing and experience matches the product you’ll have in your home.