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WOW is all we can say! We just got this kudo from our lovely bride, Valerie — and all we can say is thank you, thank you for making us feel so appreciated and placing such a high value on our work!

“Mindy and Joriana are enormously talented and their photos are meaningful and artistic…they capture the heart of what the day means. I was not as focused on this part of our wedding, but truly, they show you that what you are investing in is history, family, and what will truly be a treasure throughout your life and an heirloom. Their slide show, as I was told by many family and friends, brought tears to their eyes…and then there was the engagement shoot (fun and phenomenal result), the guest book, the album slideshow, the ALBUM itself…they’ve become a major part of our wedding, and I’m grateful that we chose them. I can’t imagine now how I ever neglected thinking about this part of the day.

And, importantly – they’re kind, easy-going, and absolutely lovely to make part of your day, although through all their smiles they MAKE IT HAPPEN. I had 1,200 perfect shots to enjoy.”