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Mother & Daughter Portrait Session
DIVAS & DARLINS Limited Edition Portrait Session
Mothers and daughters share a very special relationship. The Divas and Darlins Mother/Daughter Limited Edition Session is the perfect chance for the two of you to dress up, spend some time together and have wonderful images to show for it!
It doesn’t matter if your daughter is a toddler, a teenager, or if they have long flown the nest This is a lovely gift for the two of you to share, and the result will be images you will cherish forever.
WHO: Mothers who cherish their daughters, and daughters who know how very special their mothers are!
WHEN: April 20th, 2015
WHERE: Our Outdoor Studio in Sterling, VA
WHY: Because time moves so fast — photography stops it! Bring your favorite Diva or Darlin’! For mothers and daughters, sisters or best girlfriends — a girls only session!
SCHEDULE TODAY: Please contact us here to schedule your session or call the studio at 571.434.0009.
LIMITED EDITION SESSIONS: Portrait sessions are always available, but our Limited Edition Sessions, which are themed events, have only a limited number of slots available. Once the session slots are filled, the theme is no longer available! Themed sessions are unique and, like all good things, these session time slots won’t last! Contact us today to book this themed Limited Edition Session and show your family how much they are cherished!