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Julie and Gavin came in for Gavin’s 8 month Bebe Coterie…(that’s our Baby Plan with Newborn, 4, 8 and 12 month sessions)

“Mr. Gavin,” as we call him, had such a fun session with us. Babies at 8 months old are such a blast to photograph! Most of the time, they’re very smiley and happy. Gavin’s session was an excellent example of this. With his newfound ability to move around and make tons of cute new expressions, Gavin was a very fun little man to work with!

We can’t believe how big Gavin is getting! Check out his 8 month slideshow!

GAVIN_8_0008_ GAVIN_8_0009_ GAVIN_8_0012_ GAVIN_8_0015_ GAVIN_8_0018_ GAVIN_8_0022_ GAVIN_8_0033_ GAVIN_8_0039_ GAVIN_8_0044_ GAVIN_8_0050_ GAVIN_8_0057_ GAVIN_8_0058_ GAVIN_8_0062_ GAVIN_8_0067_ GAVIN_8_0070_ GAVIN_8_0072_ GAVIN_8_0082_ GAVIN_8_0085_ GAVIN_8_0091_ GAVIN_8_0096_