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Holiday Season Sessions and Order Timelines

Ordering Sessions must be held and the product order must be paid for in full by November 15th, in order for it to be edited in time for holiday season orders.

That’s because we don’t just photograph your session one day and place your order the next day.   We photograph your session; then typically within 15 days, you have an ordering session, where you place your order.  Next, we create your products and put proofs online for your approval.  If retouching is required, it must done, and then the images are put back online until you give your final approval.  At that point, final payment is due along with your final approval.  Generally, this process takes about three weeks — that’s BEFORE your product can even be ordered!

Once the order is placed, we are then completely at the mercy of the commercial company that is processing our order along with the thousands of other orders of folks who want their products before Christmas!

That’s why we absolutely do not guarantee orders will be delivered by Christmas if they are placed after November 15th. Please don’t be mad at us if you don’t finalize your order before November 15th!!

If delivery before Christmas is important to you, we’d love, love, love it if you ordered sooner rather than later to be sure everything arrives in plenty of time!