Do you see value in having a family photo taken? So you live near Centreville VA? Are you looking for a family portrait photographer? Then look no farther — we love taking creative, artistic family portraits for those who cherish their family!

Before we post the review, let me just take a second to say how awesome our clients are!  This review was done by Jen and Jim, a truly awesome couple.  I feel like I’m going to ruin this by trying to describe how I’m feeling.  Let me just get to the point … couples like this are one of the reasons we ARE wedding photographers, and why we KEEP photographing weddings.

Here’s what they said:

“Let me preface this by stating the obvious: We got married in September 2011, and it’s now February 2012. I wrote a review for everyone single one of my vendors within a month of our wedding but every time I’ve thought about writing this one, I don’t even know where to start, and I’m a talker. They’re THAT good!
I first came across Mindy and Joriana’s work from a random picture one of my girlfriends sent me of one of her high school friends. It was a close up of a bride and it took my breath away. I googled Ever After Portraits and I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I spent the rest of my workday watching their slideshows and reading their stories – I even wiped away a few tears watching pictures of people I didn’t even know flash across my screen. I decided that day that when Jim and I got married, they’d be the only ones I wanted photographing our wedding. That was six months before we got engaged.
Jim and were engaged on a summer vacation and on the Monday morning after our return, I called Mindy and left a message with this information: My name is Jen, I just got engaged, I love your pictures, please call me back. She did within 10 minutes and we spent the next half an hour or so talking about how he had proposed and what we wanted our wedding to look like. She was genuinely excited to hear about us and what my thoughts were and shared a number of tips and ideas on venues in the area, other vendors she’s worked with, and other helpful advice. We just clicked, and I loved that she was so willing to help me out before we even discussed contracts, price, and booking information.
We met Mindy and Joriana at their house a few weeks later and our one hour appointment lasted at least two. Jim and I shared our ideas of what was important to us in our wedding pictures. We wanted images that captured emotion and feeling, that were beautiful for not just what we were wearing or where we were, but for what we were there for. We wanted a few staged formal shots to appease our parents, but more than anything we wanted the candid moments to reflect back on, and pictures of the two of us that embodied who we are as a couple – and we’re definitely not the traditional “prom pose” type! We flew ideas back and forth with each other, talked about family, and by the end of the meeting, we left knowing that we had made the right choice.
We scheduled our engagement session in their outdoor studio in October and when we saw the images a few weeks later we were almost bummed because we felt like there was no way our wedding pictures could beat them! They were beautiful. Over the next year I was in constant contact with Mindy and Joriana. They helped me make decisions on other vendors, gave advice when I was stumped on certain things, shared in the joy when I sent them pictures of my dress, and shared in the frustration when our venue decided to renovate and we were told it might not be done in time for our wedding. Bottom line: they were an amazing support system for us and so much more than just people who took our pictures. The best part of it all was that they would call or e-mail every once in a while to follow up and ask for the updates. They WANTED to hear about it all so that by the time the wedding rolled around, I felt like they knew almost every aspect of our day, knew my family, knew what was most important, and were so prepared to capture everything that we had talked about in our planning meetings. I won’t spoil it for future brides, but Mindy and Joriana also make sure to take care of you and your bridesmaids. They know just the right thing to send at just the right time; it goes beyond encouraging words!
The day of our wedding Mindy and Joriana showed up early with two assistants! They did a fantastic job of keeping us on schedule and really had a fun time interacting with our bridal party. Overall, we just hung out and had fun and the pictures really show how comfortable they made everyone feel. There are no stuffy pictures in the almost 1,600 images taken that day, and they really blended into the event rather than stepping in and intruding like I’ve seen so many other photographers do. They snuck us away for some night shots at the end of the night and I’m so glad they did! They are some of our favorite pictures and it gave us some time to catch up and hear how they thought everything had gone.
Our wedding pictures are priceless. I have gotten so many comments from friends and family about how amazing they are and are seriously worth every penny of the investment we made in these images. They so far passed our expectations; I am at a loss to describe how happy I am that we chose Mindy and Joriana of Ever After Portraits to photograph our day. When Jim and I saw our wedding slideshow, we laughed, cried, and sang along with both Mindy and Joriana right by our side doing the same thing. There is a reason why so many of their brides come back to have them photograph their growing families. They become a part of your memories of such a wonderful day and the wedding album they put in our hands is truly something we will cherish forever. Their talent is unsurpassed and the genuine care they possess for their clients make them the best decision we made for our wedding!”


Are you crying!?!  Because I am!  Ah, thank you sooo much!  I feel like I just won an award.  😀