Although we do quite a big of children photography in our Sterling, VA and Centreville, VA studio, as a Photographer I have to save my favorite type is a Family Photo of everyone all together. Especially with a special NEW family, it warms our heart to take an image of the first day of their new family all together.

Here’s one that made us smile…and cry…it explains WHY we love Nikki and Mike, the latest in our list of kewl clients…

Nikki and Mike

Nikki and Mike

I think I have started this review at least a hundred times and always fail to capture the impact Mindy and Joriana had on my wedding experience. Not just the photography- the experience was and the images are amazing- but the overall start to finish and beyond impact. Our immediate impression of M&J was one of comfort and ease. They are relaxed and approachable, like old friends. We instantly clicked which is so important when selecting a photographer; their purpose is to capture your experience, emotion and event so that you have it for your “ever after”. They are all about you and what is important to you. Having a good personal connection lets them really get to know you so they can capture the images that will generate an emotional reaction 5, 15, 30 years later when you look back at your photos/album/images.

Weddings in general are overwhelming. Mindy and Jori know their profession and the wedding “business” which is important when YOU need a sanity check! On several occasions, Mindy helped me break it down, sort it out and make it manageable when faced with challenges, big and small.

Their work is amazing. I was looking for “traditional with a twist”- I didn’t know that at the time but looking back that is exactly what I wanted! I wanted interesting, fun and unique images from a rather traditional wedding. They did not disappoint!! The “first look” concept is brilliant. The technical skills M&J bring to your images make you say “WOW, I didn’t know I could look like that!!” or, “How did you do that??” Mindy just smiles with a little wink- she’s got you covered.

Weddings are a one-time deal, there are no do-overs or take backs. Doing it right and capturing the experience the first time and forever is of utmost importance. Mindy and Jori just get “it” they instinctively know what is important, they listen, provide stellar guidance and are truly good people, amazingly talented and professional. They were simply the best choice for our wedding… and after shoot… and girl’s session… and boudoir session (they haven’t quite talked me into that yet :o)… and whatever we may need in the future, they will be our choice.

I can’t thank them enough for their talent, guidance, and friendship OH!! and the most amazing wedding images EVER!!! You can’t go wrong with these ladies, they are top notch professionals and good people. Best of Luck!!!

Nicole and Michael Rhodes