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Running a busy photography studio in the Dulles and Brambleton, VA areas has allowed us to build a broad client base. Most of the individuals we work with are savvy professionals who love their families and want to document their lives through family pictures. They understand the importance of portraits. However, we often hear from a new client: “I want professional portraits, but I have no idea how to display my portraits in my home!” We can help with that!

As a custom and full-service photographer, we use special design software to assist our clients with interior design and their professional portraits. In a few easy steps, you’ll be able to see what a portrait will look like on a wall without actually putting it up.

• As a client, you will receive a “Let’s Decorate” ruler from us. You will tape that on any wall you think you’d like to display your family portraits.
• Using your phone, you then snap a photo of that wall with the ruler in place.
• You’ll send/text us those pictures.
• We then upload your pictures into our design software and can create various custom wall concepts sized specifically for that wall.

The result is that you get to see EXACTLY what the finished product will look like on your wall! It makes it so much easier for you to decide which portrait or portraits you’d like to order. The design software not only simplifies the process; it takes the guessing out of the selection process. You can order your portraits and feel comfortable knowing exactly what it will look like when you hang it up in your home!

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we will work with our clients’ design tastes, styles, and preferences. As a photography studio, our clients come to us throughout the Dulles and Brambleton, VA areas, all across Northern Virginia. We believe in working closely with our clients and fostering relationships. This makes us better photographers and better business owners. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our work.


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Ever After Portraits is comprised of Mindy Belcher and Joriana Belcher Anderson, a mother-daughter family photography team located in Northern Virginia, in Dulles, VA. We specialize in timeless and emotive fine art family portraits.
Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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