Ever After is a photography studio located in Loudoun County, Cascades, VA in Northern Virginia. In addition to a 2.5-acre outdoor portrait park (a favorite of our family portrait clients for warm weather and during the colorful fall), we also have a fully-equipped indoor studio for studio portraits. Winter is the perfect time for studio portraits!
Our indoor photography studio is ready for use regardless of the temperature outside, whether it’s your first family portrait with your newborn resting safely in Daddy’s hands …
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… a gorgeous portrait of your family as it grows …
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… or that perfect career portrait to enhance your brand.
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Indoor Studio Portraits

Although we love our outdoor studio and the natural elements presented there, there are some advantages to having your family portraits taken in our indoor studio.

1. Control of the elements: If a photo is being taken outside, you can’t control what the weather will do. The wind may pick up, or it could rain. Your hair, makeup and clothing could be affected by outdoor elements. The studio is a controlled setting free of all of these variables. It’s never too cold or too hot in our indoor studio!
2. Formal or professional look: If you’re going for a formal or professional look in your portrait, a studio setting is hard to beat. All of the elements can be managed to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it.
3. Control of lighting: Lighting is often variable outdoors, with light conditions changing all the time. Your photographer will have better control of lighting in a studio setting. Studio photography also affords a softer quality of light; sometimes outdoor sunlight can be harsh.
4. Timeless: Portraits shot in our studio may have a more formal and time-tested look than those taken outside and on a more casual basis. The timeless, classic look of a formal portrait will be cherished by your family for generations to come. We call these our Today’s Classics.
5. Fewer distractions: Outdoor location settings can sometimes have too much stimuli for children. If you’re in a park, there could be trees to climb, water to splash in, animals to chase after, etc. Children have short attention spans as it is! Genuine, natural expressions may fade in a distracting environment. Conversely, a portrait studio has an undeniable formality to it, so children may be more likely to follow instructions and behave in a studio setting — and you’ll get the images you were hoping for!
Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on our 2.5-acre Outdoor Studio!
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Ever After Portraits is comprised of Mindy and Joriana Belcher, a mother-daughter photography team located in in Cascades, VA, Northern Virginia. They specialize in timeless and emotive fine art images.
Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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