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They don’t look like much to the average person…there are some callouses, a few scars…and they are never manicured.

I’ve seen them do so much — I’ve watched these hands build our house, plant grass, flowers and trees; lift,cook, paint and polish,  fix the car, type a letter  and steady a razor.   They can mow a lawn, wash a dish, clean a toilet, tie a tie — all with the same ease.   They have clapped and stroked; patted, petted, hugged and spanked…and I’ve watched those strong hands gently lift my aunt from the floor when she falls.

Those hands shook when they cut the cord when Joriana was born…but they were strong and steady when they put on her first diaper.     These hands have been kind and strong.  They have comforted me, forgiven me, steadied me, picked me up and brushed me off.   Sometimes those hands  speak more than words could.

They have loved me…for 27 years as of August 30th.     I love those hands…and I’m grateful for this man who means so much to me…

So we will be going away to celebrate for a bit…this man with the hands I love…