Our Iron-Clad, 100% No-Hassle, No Excuses EVER Guarantee

We want you to be completely thrilled with your portraits.  Together, we will invest considerable time, effort and expense in their creation.  We feel you deserve to have the very finest work possible that can be created by a professional photographer.

If, for any reason your images aren’t as you expect them to be (regardless of fault), we will throw them away and you may have additional ones made to your liking, at no charge to you.  Or, if you don’t wish to have additional images made, your portrait session fee will be refunded.  If you have purchased additional sessions and are not thrilled with the results, those portrait session fees will be refunded.

We earn our reputation one client at a time—with quality, caring and friendliness as our hallmarks. We appreciate your confidence in us.

Be sure to Check out our Privacy Policy here — where we explain that we don’t share your info with a third party and other valuable info!

Terms and Conditions

Excellent customer service is our goal. We view terms and conditions as tools that help us ensure that clients have a wonderful experience.


You should know what to expect, so here’s a little about timing –

The first thing after booking, we will ask that you look around your home and send us snapshots of any wall you might consider hanging portraits. We will use those snapshots in your Design Session.

We will ask that you schedule your Design Session within 7 days after you book us for your Portrait Session

We will schedule your Ordering Session within 1-2 weeks. after your Portrait Session.

After you order your images at your Ordering Session, we will retouch your images within 3 weeks and send them to you to approve.

Once we receive your approval on your order and final payment, we will allow 1 week for an internal quality check and  your products will be sent to print. While we want to set appropriate product delivery expectations, due to Covid and other production and supply chain issues beyond our control, realistically we ask that you allow 3 to 6 months after your final payment for your products to be delivered.

Not every session is put up on our blog, but if your session is one of the ones we choose, after your Ordering Session, your images will be on our blog within 2 weeks.


A $500 Session Fee is required to hold your date  — our booking process is online. Your Portrait Session will not be secured until payment is received.


On location sessions are $1,500.


As a professional photographer, and in order to give you the best, most relaxed session possible, Ever After Portraits limits the number of sessions that we photograph. That way, our attention is totally focused on you and your experience.

Ever After, LLC is committed to your portrait time and won’t use the time you paid for to photograph someone else who arrived late.

A holding fee is collected to hold your time slot and will be applied toward your purchase at your ordering session. You and I agree that the session/holding fee is reasonable.

You agree to arrive on time. Arrival more than 15 minutes late means you will lose your scheduled time, and your session/holding fee will be used to compensate the photographer for her time, and any Product Credit will be forfeited. If Hair and Makeup services have been scheduled and you arrive late, you may have to choose between having your hair done OR your makeup done or the services could possibly be forfeited all together. There will be no refund or credit if you arrive late and your hair and makeup cannot be completed. If hair and makeup is included in your session fee, your makeup and hair appointment is considered part of your portrait session and as such, all scheduling and cancellation policies apply to your makeup and hair appointment as well. If shooting on location incurs additional fees, we will pass those on to you, the Client.

We will speak with you and schedule your Portrait and Ordering Sessions. Because we have a wedding division, typically, we do not photograph sessions on Saturdays, and Sundays are our family day. If exceptions are made, additional fees may apply.

Outdoor Portrait Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather or moved inside to our indoor studio at the photographer’s discretion.

If you RESCHEDULE or CANCEL your portrait session or FAIL TO ATTEND your session for any reason and at any time, we will suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain.

We block out our studio and staff for YOUR portrait session so that our studio is set aside just for you and your family.

For that reason, you will forfeit your session/holding fee if you RESCHEDULE OR CANCEL with less than 14 days’ notice before the scheduled portrait time. Holding fees on appointments rescheduled with more than 14 days’ notice are applied to the new appointment and will be refunded at your ordering session or applied to your order. The holding fee is not refundable for permanently cancelled appointments. In addition, if you FAIL TO ATTEND the portrait session you will forfeit your session/holding fee. If wall snapshots are requested from you but not received, and/or if a Design Session is scheduled with you, but not held, the portrait session cannot go forward and you will forfeit your session/holding fee. This fee is paid to us as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.

NOTE: This policy has been updated. Previously, we allowed for one reschedule on the basis of a ‘sick child’ until we found that everyone that rescheduled last minute – without considering that we could no longer fill their time slot – did so due to a “sick child”. Our reschedule rate statistic was found to be 20 times the normal sick child average. Please consider this: Would you get a refund or raincheck if your child was sick the day before you have tickets to a Broadway show? A concert? The Ballet? A cruise?

No cameras are allowed in the studio or at a shoot other than ours!


One Design Consultation Session can be held in person or over the phone and allows us to do our best work, so it is required and must be scheduled before your portrait session. Please schedule your Design Session with us within 7 days of booking your session.  If a Design Session is not held prior to the Portrait Session, your Portrait Session will be postponed.


We offer a Lifetime warranty on what we frame.

We do not offer proofs that leave the studio.  All orders must be placed at your Ordering Session which will be at our studio.  It is at this time you will make your portrait selections, and place your order.  Your family may also order at this time. Any portraits that you want, family members want, or friends want, must be ordered at the Ordering Session.  Signature to our contract indicates that it is understood that the images from the portrait session will be deleted after the ordering session even if no order is placed and that your session fee will not be refunded.

Every single image that we deliver is retouched and has had custom artwork done to make it look its very best. Whether it’s as simple as removing a stray blemish or two or more extensive darkening of backgrounds or removal of distractions, we provide the absolute highest quality artistic enlargements. This artwork is included in the price of our normal prints. Proofs are not shown retouched – proofs have basic color and exposure corrections done, but do not represent the final quality of prints. While Image files are available for purchase, proofs have no value so after an ordering session; unordered images are purged unless an album has been ordered.

As your portraits will be retouched, mounted, signed and framed (at your option), delivery time can vary.  The first step, having the portraits made, usually takes about eight weeks.  (Occasionally, it takes as little as four weeks or as long as twelve weeks.)  After the portraits are made, we will inspect them and have them remade if they do not meet our standards.  Framing usually takes two weeks; mounting in an album takes about six weeks.  Once your order is ready, we will call you to arrange for you to pick up your products from the studio.  If you have a special situation requiring delivery by a particular date, please discuss it with us when placing your order to see if we can assist you. (Rush charges may apply.)

Your signature to our initial agreement indicates that you understand that any portraits that you choose to purchase must be paid for in full before products are delivered.

Albums are designed with no less than on average two images per page. Pages could have as many as 6 images or as few as one image, but generally are designed with 4-6 images per two pages. Some pages may have more, some less to allow for design with similar images. Images ordered for the Album are final and cannot be changed at a later time.

Due to the custom nature of our photography, all orders are final and non-refundable once ordered.  Approval of proofs is required before any products are sent to print.

Periodically we add new products and update pricing, so pricing is subject to change without notice.


Any portraits that you choose to purchase must be paid for before it is delivered.

Ever After Portraits accepts cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal.  We also offer special financing options.  There is a $25 fee for any bounced check.  If you bounce a check, you must pay for your order and bounced check fee in cash.


No other camera equipment other than the photographer’s is allowed in the photo session.

Ordered images will be retained for six months to accommodate reorder requests.

If no Ordering Session is held, unordered files are disposed of.


Copyright is protected by the Federal Copyright Law. It is unlawful to copy or scan any images without perm
Even though the pictures may be of you or your child, the photographer still owns the copyright to the image. In order to control the quality of the work produced, the photographer is the only one who can crop, modify, or order any image produced at this photo session. Ever After Portraits retains the copyright and ownership of all images of the photo session and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio, display, website, self-promotion, advertising, photo contests, or any publication. Clients are not allowed to reproduce any images produced by the photographer for any purpose without written consent. All images are copyrighted by Ever After Portraits and are protected by United States Copyright Laws (USC Title 17). It is illegal to copy, scan, reproduce, or post images online in forums elsewhere without the written permission of Ever After Portraits or alter in any manner, including, but not limited to, electronic scanning via personal scanner or reproduction via photo lab or self-service kiosk. Violators of this federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.

More About Your Ordering Session

How you will see your images

When you schedule your Portrait Session, we will schedule your Ordering Session for approximately 1 – 2 weeks later.  You will have the opportunity to view your images on a multimedia image presentation system.  Do allow at least three hours for this appointment so that you can make all your decisions in one visit.   While it doesn’t always take that much time, we don’t want you to feel rushed when you place your order.  Be advised that the last 15 minutes of your appointment are reserved for processing your order.

We must have snapshots of your wall spaces to ensure we make the most of our time at our ordering session. We are happy to help you!

During your Ordering Session, to help you in your selections, the photographs you see will be shown as projected images.  This will allow you to see your originals larger than life-size, to make sure the expressions and poses are perfect in every way.  Then, when your poses are narrowed down to your favorites, they can be enlarged or reduced right on the projection screen to almost any size.  You will be able to see your portraits the way they will look when they are finished, in the sizes most appropriate for your home.  One ordering appointment is included as part of your session fee.

The Ordering Session

Because the portrait originals are projected and do not leave the studio, it is essential that any decision makers be present at the Ordering Session.  (Adults only, please!)  The purpose of the appointment is to make your final decisions on image choice, size, quantity, finishing and framing.  There will be many images for you to view and many decisions for you to make, so the process may take longer than you expect.

Advance Preparation For Your Ordering Session

Viewing the many beautiful portraits that we have created for you is going to be very exciting.  We know that you will fall in love with most of them.  Some clients are overwhelmed by the large number of marvelous images (especially if they thought there would only be one or two good ones) and they find themselves at a loss even after a few hours of reviewing them.

Allow enough time.


People have spent as long as four hours making their selection, even those choosing just a few images.  Allow for three hours in case it takes that long.  To avoid conflicts, please don’t schedule activities immediately following the selection appointment.  You will be making important decisions on portraits that will be in your family for generations and you won’t want to feel rushed or pressured.  All images not ordered will be permanently deleted.  If no order is placed, the negatives from this portrait shoot will be deleted, and our session fee will not be refunded.


Take time to eat.


If you get a meal or snack beforehand, you will be happier, more alert and more comfortable.  Or ask us to order in some food for you!


Come without the children.


Selecting images requires undivided attention.  Bringing your children will make it difficult for you, will be hard for the children and will lengthen the appointment.  If your child care arrangements fall through, be sure to call us to reschedule.


Come with your spouse.


In most relationships, both members have at least some input (either financial or aesthetic) in the selection process.  Even those who feel they don’t care to attend the appointment might find themselves questioning decisions made in their absence. Come with your spouse; you will feel much more confident of your choices and you will not have to explain your decisions afterwards.  If both of you can’t come, please call to reschedule.


Arrive together.


Differing arrival and departure times lengthen your appointment and make decision-making difficult.


Don’t concentrate on your own appearance.


It is quite natural to be a bit uncomfortable with how one looks in portraits.  Concentrating on how good everyone else looks will increase your enjoyment of the images.


Plan in advance.


To shorten your appointment, make some decisions before coming in:


  • Do you want to display portraits in your office, bedroom, children’s bedrooms, living room, or family room?
  • Will you be displaying the portraits on the wall, as tabletop portraits or both?
  • What are the vertical and horizontal measurements of the possible wall display areas?  (Bringing the dimensions of these areas is imperative.)
  • Do you have a preferred medium:  gallery wrap (our personal favorite), canvas, or framed, matted prints?
  • Do you want your favorites as a wall collection or as an album collection of images in one of our custom De Vida Art Books?
  • Will you want to give portraits to parents or adult children?  Books or framed portraits?
  • What do other family members want you to select for them?
  • Would you like portraits to enclose with your greeting cards?


Plan to make your decisions while here.


As there are no proofs to take home, making decisions after you leave is not possible.

Returning for a second selection appointment also can be difficult as our appointment times are often reserved months in advance.

When to reschedule

Please don’t reschedule unless necessary as it may be several weeks or months before there is another opening.  The first reschedule is complimentary – we know sometimes emergencies happen. Otherwise, rescheduling is $200. However, in the following situations it would be best for you to make a new appointment:

  • Your spouse is unable to come (All decisions makers must be present at the Ordering Session)
  • You are feeling tired or ill
  • You would have to come with your child/children (the plans with your babysitter fell through)
  • You are unable to stay at least three hours


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What style of photography do you use when working with kids?

We use a documentary style of photography, letting your children just be themselves. Kids will be kids and we understand that they will have moments of imperfection (just like us) and that’s OK! We’re there to make them (and you) feel as comfortable as possible so we can capture their unique personality. We are patient and don’t mind waiting to get that perfect shot. We will pose some shots at your request, but will mainly just shoot and capture those moments that happen naturally. We feel that not using unnatural props or stiff formal poses is a more honest means of capturing who your child really is.

When is the best time to schedule pregnancy and newborn photographs?

We recommend taking maternity portraits during the 32 – 36th weeks, when your curves are at their most glorious. With artistic lighting and gentle posing, we guarantee you will be thrilled to document this amazing time in your life.  Newborn babies, under a month, are incredible to photograph and we love to capture their bond with you at this time. Little ones change quickly over the course of their first year, so consider having portraits again at 4 and 8 months and again at 1 year as their true features and big personality really emerge.  We invite you to join select clients who are members of The Bebe Coterie.

We can’t get my whole family together for a Design session AND a Portrait Session.

That’s okay – the Design Session is not meant for your whole family, just for you and your spouse.  Leave the children at home so that the two of you can have a quiet, calm time to think about your portraits and talk with us.

Do we have to come to your studio for our Ordering Session and to look at the portraits after you’ve taken them?

Yes, a session at our studio is an essential part of the creative process and is required.  The viewing and selection of your portraits is also done at the studio and is for both parents.

We don’t know where to have it done.

No worries – we will help you to choose a location.  We photograph at locations exclusively tailored to your personal interests.  Session fees vary by location.

Your Home

If your home or vacation home has special significance to you, have the portraits created inside your house or in your yard.  It will add a sentimental depth to your portraits, a depth not present in portraits created elsewhere.


My house needs decorating and my yard needs landscaping.

We can discuss the location at your Design Session.  We can preview your home and let you know what we think. Your entire yard or house will not show in the portrait and may work well in spite of some imperfections.  We are very good at finding angles that make a home look beautiful while not showing spots that don’t look as good.


Our Indoor Studio

If your home does not have any special significance, or if it isn’t an option, you have a variety of options.  One of them is our Indoor Studio, which is outfitted with the latest in backdrops, lighting and props.


Our Outdoor Studio

Our 2 ½ acre outdoor studio features large trees, a natural creek flowing into a pond with waterfall, a bridge – lots of areas to use as a beautiful backdrop for your portraits.


Environmental Portraiture

Portraiture on  location throughout the D.C. Metro area can feature stunning views and natural scenery such as Meadowlark Gardens, The Tidal Basin, National Gallery of Art, U.S. Botanic Gardens, just to name a few.


We don’t know if the location we want will work for a portrait. 

If you have already picked a location, you may be worried that, while it looks good to you, it may not be suitable for the Portrait Session. Don’t worry.  After your Design Session and prior to your Portrait Session, we will preview the area to decide how to best use it.  If we don’t think it is suitable, we will help you find a new place.


We just can’t decide!

If you are just not sure, simply wait until you are at your Design Session and we will be happy to give you guidance in making your decision.

My adult children never tell us in advance when they are going to be in town.  How can we schedule a portrait?

The way to handle this is to have the Design Session now and plan all the details in advance – the clothing, the location, the groupings, etc.  Then, when you call at the last minute to schedule (because your children have called you at the last minute!) we will only have the Portrait Session to schedule, not the Design Session, and the Portrait Session.

We want an outdoor portrait but I’m worried about the weather.

While it’s natural to worry, the weather isn’t as a big a concern as one would think.  Cloudy skies make for the best lighting.  The day before, your session may be rescheduled if it rains steadily.  If the portrait has to be done on that day, as in the case of a multi-family gathering your session will be moved to our indoor studio.

We can’t decide what clothes we should wear.

You should wait until your Design Session to choose the color and style of the clothing.  We will have a lot of advice and assistance to give you.  The formality of the clothing is up to you.  Most of our clients choose relaxed, somewhat informal, clothing because that is the feeling they want their portraits to have.

We can’t decide whether to include our dog.

Please include your dog.  We enjoy including pets, especially dogs.  It will help, not hurt, the portrait! We will spend 15 minutes on images with your pet, and then ask that someone be available to take care of it during the remainder of your session.

How much time do we need to allow for our Portrait Session?

A Portrait Session is individually tailored for each client’s particular needs, but typically shooting time lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

When is the best time of the day for a location Portrait Session?

Natural lighting creates the beauty in timeless portraiture and the best time of day is early in the morning or one hour before sunset.   Please allow ample time for preparation at our exclusively selected location.

What is the best time of year to take outdoor photos?

We recommend late Spring, early Summer, or Fall. Winter is not a good time for outdoor portraits because the trees are bare and there is very little color outdoors.  However, it’s the perfect time for studio portraits!

What is the largest number of people that you can accommodate in the studio?

We have taken groups of up to 15 people in the studio. For larger groups we recommend our outdoor studio.

We want portraits of my family but it is always such an uncomfortable experience.  I’m not looking forward to itCan you give us an idea of what to expect at my Portrait Session?

First, expect to have fun, because you will! Some may be a little nervous at first, but we’ll soon put you at ease so you can enjoy your session.   The people in our portraits look wonderfully relaxed and natural because they are relaxed.

Remember, we want you to have fun – and being late will only result in you feeling rushed and less time spent on your photography. Feel free to bring your favorite music. We can play music in the studio, and we like all types.

Don’t miss this opportunity because of previous bad experiences.  Our photo sessions are very much like our style–relaxed, candid and fun

Who should come to our session?

It is best to only bring the persons being photographed to your session. Teens may bring one parent.  No cameras are allowed in the studio.  Many of us already feel as if a spotlight is on us when we are being photographed and there is no benefit to increasing the feeling with knowledge that someone is “watching” you.  The exception would be someone to watch small children.

Why should I have Ever After Portraits take my senior portrait?

You’ve reached a milestone in your life. Your portraits should reflect your unique personality. You’re not the same old Sara from down the street, so why should your senior portraits look like hers? What you need is something that only an artist can produce.

The other studios (you know, the ones that your school sends you to) employ a large staff of photographers to fulfill their volume needs. This is perfectly all right if you want some novice who’s been trained on the bare minimum of the technical aspects of photography. They understand lighting and posing and how to make a ‘nice portrait.’ The only problem is that they all look alike!

We’re different. We are dedicated to our craft and are constantly developing new techniques and submitting images for reviews by some of the top professionals in the industry.  We have a network of makeup and hair artists at our disposal for that extra sizzle in your portraits as well!

Your interests, hobbies, and personality will shine through your portraits with us. We encourage you to bring your favorite item to use as a prop. We can photograph you with your car, pet, musical instrument, or favorite sports item.  We offer a spacious private changing and makeup room for your convenience.  Got a favorite CD you want to listen to during your in studio session? Bring it! It’s your session and you should have fun.

We do special one-on-one portraits of seniors. You can change clothing, right in the studio or choose a garden or other local location. A beach session is the most-asked-for senior portrait. These are done at sunset when the light is so beautiful. We have seniors who come from all over to have the beach portrait they have dreamed about.

What do you offer in the way of packages?

For Regular portrait sessions, all of our offerings are a la carte.  However, we do offer incentives for certain price points.  From wallets to wall art, the choice is yours!
For Limited Edition and Special Events, package pricing is available.

How many clothing changes can I do?

For family or Limited Edition sessions, one outfit is advised. For other types of sessions, outfit changes are advised. Contact the studio if you have further questions.

Can I take pictures with my friends?

Certainly! We have done seniors with their best friends.

Are my pictures touched up or airbrushed?

All our senior portraits have finishing work performed on them to remove blemishes and make you look your best.

Do you offer Black and White pictures?

Yes, we offer contemporary, modeling looks for that special portrait.

Can we bring friends to the shoot?

We don’t mind you having one parent or friend along – in fact, it can make things even more interesting. However, please, no more than one. These pictures are about you and we want to be able to concentrate on you, rather than working with a large group. If you really want a group picture with several friends, we ask that you let us know so that we can plan for it ahead of time and make sure that your friends know that they will be leaving after the group pictures are done. If it’s sprung on us the day of the shoot, we’ll decline.  We want to avoid distractions that prevent us from doing our very best for you. If you do have a friend or parent along, tell them to be prepared to work! Watching for stray hairs, helping hold reflectors, watching for people in the background, you name it!

Combination Sessions

Outdoor and indoor portraits have very different technical and creative requirements and so are considered separate sessions with separate session fees if you choose to do both.

Christmas Cut Off Dates
For orders to be delivered by Christmas, you will need to have completed both your shoot, ordering session with your order placed and paid for, by December 1.