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There are many beautiful homes in the Cascades, VA area. Although most of them are built in a more traditional design, that does not have to dictate the inside of your home! Many of our clients have a more eclectic style on the inside of their homes and often ask us how they can make a statement with their portraits. With a little thought, portrait photography can both coordinate with your interior decor and make a statement. It’s actually a lot of fun to think about how you can add wall art to your home in a way that’s beautiful and is a showstopper!

Our professional design software will let you see exactly what your portrait will look like on any given wall in your home. You’ll be able to see the various ways you can make a statement with your beautiful professional pictures.

Creative Wall Art Ideas:

Foyer: It can be a high drama space depending on its size and layout. A large portrait displayed in a foyer can be powerful. A collection of portraits can work in a larger foyer. In a small foyer, a large collection might make the space look cluttered, but a smaller collection could be perfect. You’ll need to be careful with placement, size and composition of a collection of portraits displayed in a foyer. This is where our design software comes in handy!
Staircase: A staircase provides a wonderful wall for a collection of family portrait art. A dramatic sweep of beautiful portraits will definitely make an impact!
Dining room: Today, this is considered a more unique space to decorate with fine art portraits but that’s why it could be beautiful. Remember that for hundreds of years the wealthier families lined their dining spaces with oil portraits of relatives.
• Living room: In a formal living, a dramatic portrait can add elegance. Placing a large almost over-sized portrait can be stunning. You would need to consider the framing options available to ensure compatibility to your style.
• Playroom or family room: These rooms generally call for a more casual portrait and these tend to be great spaces to display a collection of wall art or create a gallery of portraits!
• Powder Rooms: Yes, we actually think powder rooms can be a great space to display pictures. We’ve seen old, black and white portraits in smaller sizes displayed in a powder room for a powerful effect.
Hallways: Either a collection of wall art or several larger pieces can make quite a statement in a hallway depending on the hallway’s dimensions including width and length. Longer, more narrow hallway? A collection or two of portraits add interest. A shorter hallway? One to three larger portraits might be better.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to make a statement with wall art. Using our design software, we can help you decide where and how your portrait photography will make a statement in your home. Contact our studio in the Cascades, VA area to make an appointment to view some further examples of wall art statements. We’d love to work with you.

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