As an experienced portrait photography studio in the Sterling, VA area, Ever After Portraits knows how much you cherish your family. We’ve worked with families for almost two decades now. The families that reach out to us want to capture their family’s love and bonds through fine art portraits. But, they don’t want just any pictures. They want portraits which are beautiful and poignant enough to instantly become cherished family heirlooms.
If you too want to document your family in this manner, you can contact our studios to schedule a family portrait session. As fine art photography specialists, we believe that this type of photography is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your family’s love. It transcends the quality of normal photographs to something more like art you can prominently display and cherish for decades. (All our portraits are printed on photography paper rated to last 100+ years.)

Family Portraits as Art

If you would like to decorate your walls, it’s well worth considering family portraits instead of traditional pieces of inexpensive, generic artwork. Keep in mind that fine art family portraits are a powerful and personal form of art! There is nothing more special or more deserving of wall space than your family’s portraits. If that sounds like a tempting thought, read on to learn the multiple reasons why you should hire a professional photographer to take family portraits that will take pride of place on your walls!
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Family Portraits Make Your Family Feel Cherished

Our portrait photography studio can capture your family’s love for each other in family portraits. Here’s how those family portraits make your family feel cherished.

1. We can capture a special moment in time.

Time flies in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, your children will be grown and taller than you! Then, they’ll be off to start their own lives, and you will wonder where the time went. If you’d love to capture a piece of your children’s childhood in a family portrait, it’s well worth choosing a family photographer from a professional portrait photography studio. The day will soon come when your adult children tell you how grateful they are that you had professional portraits taken during their childhood. It is a legacy we can help you create to be enjoyed for many years to come!

2. Your children will feel special seeing their portraits on the walls of their family home.

As parents, we’ve all witnessed our children’s pride when we display one of their drawings. Modest as those drawings might be, they pull at our heartstrings, and we cherish them as our own “Picassos.” Displaying professional images of your children is no different. It evokes in both you and them a deep feeling of pride and love. Everyone who visits your home will see your family portraits. And, your child will feel very special each time they pass by those images. They will know that you cherish them enough to invest in, and display, portraits of them. Better yet, those images reinforce to your children that they are part of a close-knit family unit which means the world to each other.

3. Family portraits have a far higher, more personal value than traditional art.

Though all art has its own value, would you rather look at a landscape painting of a lake or a field of flowers every day, or look at the smiling faces of your family members, especially your children? You might tire one day of looking at the same landscape day in day out. But there’s no chance that you will ever tire of looking at a beautiful family portrait taken by a professional portrait photography studio! In years to come, your children’s children will value those portraits far more than you can imagine today. The love we captured in those images will be carried through to the next generations, giving those portraits a unique, more personal value than ordinary artwork.

4. Displaying a family portrait is a lovely way to showcase your family to your guests.

Guests to your home, including extended family members and friends, will naturally gravitate to a large portrait of your family. Think back to the last time you saw a beautiful family portrait in a friend’s home. What was your reaction? Most of us are instinctively drawn to those portraits because, if they are well done, they offer a glimpse of or a personal reflection of that family’s bonds. The portraits can serve as an excellent showcase for those who visit the home.
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The Role of a Portrait Photography Studio

Before you hire any portrait photography studio, you should keep in mind their actual role in creating your family portraits. They should be able to accurately capture and reflect the individuality of each family member in a family portrait. After all, no two people are alike, and it is the individual personality traits which come together to form a family. The studio you select should have experience working with family groups as well as individuals. We certainly have that experience, which is why we’re able to work with families so well and capture their personalities on camera and in print.

Experience with Children

If your family includes young children, then you should work with a portrait photography studio that has a lot of experience working with children. It takes creative thinking, patience, and expertise to photograph children, particularly when they’re part of a group. We know just how to “distract” children so we can get the right images. While family portraits are commissioned by, and taken for, the adults in the family, these portraits are in large part for the children one day. They will feel loved and cherished by seeing themselves displayed in your home. One day, when they have those same portraits displayed in their own homes years from now, they will still feel your love each time they are reminded of you because of those portraits.

So what are you waiting for?!

If you’re keen to display family art on the walls of your home, it’s definitely worth getting a family portrait commissioned. Not only will a portrait decorate a room, but it will also ensure that your family members feel loved and cherished!
You can contact our portrait photography studio in the Sterling, VA area to schedule your family’s professional portraits. We work with families all across Northern Virginia.
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Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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