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As family photographers, with a portrait studio located near Fairfax in Northern VA, we know how busy it is when it’s back-to-school time!
It seems like summer just arrived and here we are in the blink of an eye in the middle of August. For most children the start of school is just around the corner. Now is the time to buy supplies and clothing ┬áto prepare for the big day!!! Don’t forget to get that camera out to snap some photos to document the first day of school!
Help Your Child Prepare For Back to School by Wed MD provides great tips to start this process.
1. Re-Establish School Routines
During the summer your child may be sleeping in and not having a regular routine. It is a good idea to start having your child get up and dressed the same time each morning. Coordinate meals with the times your child will be eating when school is back in session.
Also create some morning activities outside of your home so your child will leave your home at the same time he leaves for school. This will help alleviate a mad rush when school starts.
2. Nurture Independence
Have a chat with your child now about being independent and taking on responsibilities. Being able to do things for himself builds confidence and will make it easier for the transition.
Some tasks include organizing school supplies, making sure that he has assignments written down or a younger child can practice writing his name or tying his own shoes says says Nicole Pfleger, school counselor at Nickajack Elementary School in Smyrna, GA.
3. Create a Launch Pad
Organize an area where your child is put backpacks and lunchboxes as part of a regular routine.
4. Set Up a Time and Place for Homework
Create a set time and place for doing homework and studying in your house. Also try to be around when your child during this time to help if needed and to check on how your child is progressing with his assignments.
5. After-School Plans
If you are a working parent, decide where your child will go after school. If he is going to be at home who will be there or decide if an after school program is the best solution.
6. Make a Sick-Day Game Plan
Have a plan in place if your child becomes ill and has to be at home. This is important for working parents who can not always take off of work at the last minute. Make a list of people who can help you out-babysitters, friends or extended family.
7. Attend Orientations to Meet and Greet
Orientations are great places to meet your child’s teachers, counselors and principal. This is a good opportunity to ask questions and be acquainted with the school’s activities and schedule for the year.
8. Talk to the Teachers
Discuss with the teachers their approach as to how homework is handled. See if they have a handout of dates of tests and large assignments that are due so you not caught off guard and are scrambling at the last minute.
9. Make it a Family Affair
Creating a routine with your child is the best way to have a successful school year. Set up a chart so everyone knows what it is to be done when. If your child is going to play first before homework then have that written in the chart. That way everyone in the family is part of the plan.
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