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  • Prepurchase $1500 anytime up to and including the day of your Portrait Session and we will say thank you with YOUR choice of bonus!

    OPTION 1 is our ICE BLOCK in a 5x7 size.

    OPTION 2 is our STEEL STANDUP in an 8x10 size.

    Remember, our entry level wall portrait starts at $1500 and the majority of our clients spend $1500 or above. You can choose either one of these bonuses if you prepay $1500 towards the portrait now.

    You get one of the bonuses AND whatever portrait that you choose on the ICE BLOCK or the STEEL STANDUP.

    If you choose to prepay $2500, you get your choice of two BONUSES. Prepay $3500, and choose three!

    You can pay as much money as you want upfront and earn those bonuses right up to the day of your PORTRAIT SESSION.

    Remember, you are not committing to a particular package or product right now. You're just paying and prepurchasing a Studio credit that you can apply towards whatever you would like when you see your portraits!

    You decide at the Ordering Session which portraits you love. Then you decide what products you want. You will make your final decision about the choice of BONUS on the day of your ORDERING SESSION.

    Don't forget - these are the PERFECT GIFTS for grandparents! Why not get your Holiday shopping done early this year?

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