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Do you know what the colors you wear say about you, your mood, or even your intelligence? As a professional photographer, we have a pretty good idea! We have had to learn about color applications as it pertains to photography and our clients’ clothing. Our Purcellville, VA and Potomac Falls, VA clients aren’t the only ones interested in color psychology and clothes.

If you’re thinking about doing your portraits this fall, here are a few things to consider about individual colors as you select your outfits. And, as always, if you have any questions, just ask us!


Pink is a tranquil and warm color. Unlike red which gets people excited, pink has been shown to calm aggression and be soothing. It’s a feminine color and wearing it can give off a gentler air. By the way, in the past pink was the color used for little boys, while blue was used for girls! Yes, gentlemen, you too look great in pink!


There is a reason many restaurants use red: It has been shown to make you hungry! It’s also an energetic color evoking strength, power, and even aggression. Red is a color that will get you noticed.


This is a happy color! It’s the color of the sun, after all. It represents optimism and can help you be more creative. It is associated with being cheerful and warm. Note how it’s a color often associated with schools and school buses.


A warm, bold color, orange is a great substitute for red. It represents ambition, depth, and fun.


Another calming color, blue has long been associated with the sea. It is considered one of the most popular colors on the spectrum. Although depending on its shade, it can be considered a cooler color, it’s also a very soothing color which is why it’s often used in hospitals and bedrooms. It’s also been shown to be associated with greater productivity because it evokes a feeling of calmness and focus.


Long known as the color of royalty, purple represents wealth, sophistication and wisdom. There’s a reason kings and queens have long used this color!


If you want a powerful, somber color, then black it is. It evokes strength and seriousness as well as intelligence. Think of how many business suits are black or dark gray.


A calming color, green is also the color of money, of course! Green is located at the center of the color spectrum making it a restorative and balancing color. Interestingly, it’s long been associated with the concept of peace and, of course, the Earth.


Actually a neutral, gray is reserved, quiet and conservative. It has a steadying effect on other colors around it, is seen as solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world.

Color can reflect mood, personality, and give off subtle messages, so you can use color to your advantage! Just for fun, if you’d like to learn more about color psychology, check out this article.

As a professional photographer in the Purcellville, VA and Potomac Falls, VA area, we are happy to help our clients select their clothing colors for their portrait session. Although the psychology of color is fun to think about, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothing! We work with our clients to coordinate each family member’s clothing so you’ll love your family portrait. If you want professional pictures, please contact us today to discuss our session!


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