Professional Photography Leave Treasures Not Regrets

Ever After Portraits is a professional photography portrait studio located in Northern VA, near Ashburn. As a family photographer, we know how very much family portraits mean to you.

It’s the end of a year, and a time when many of us reflect back on who we’ve lost.

We all have had friends, family, or even ourselves that have lost family members. As hard as these tragedies can be, having memories of our loved ones to hold onto can be a blessing when times get tough. Pictures become so valuable and treasured after the loss of a loved one, and while you hear many people share how they regret not having taken more pictures, you will never hear anyone say they took too many.

I have never regretted having a family portrait done with my husband David and my daughter Joriana. Time slips away and you don’t realize it! So leave treasures not regrets!

If you have family visiting this holiday season, perhaps family you don’t often see, think about getting them all together for one of our “Family Ties” multi-generation sessions, scheduled for December 25 and 26, 2014. Let us help you capture beautiful memories to be treasured forever. We all know that today’s pictures will become tomorrow’s most prized possessions.


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