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This is a really hard post to write, because we loved James so. You see, our dear friend, James Boice, passed away last Saturday in a motorcycle accident in Leesburg. He was only 39. If you want to know more about what happened, visit the link here, But the bottom line is that through no fault of his own, James was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

James and Mandy’s wedding was a happy day…they eloped in the morning and then had a small reception in the afternoon, so the images you see below are from that day, June 2, almost four years ago. They’ve always been so much more than a bride and groom we photographed, they are some of our closest friends and we saw them often. Our guest room was always called “James’ Room” since he was always in and out of our home. After James and Mandy were married, it became “James and Mandy’s Room,” since they both worked in Sterling and we were frequently found trying to convince them to stay instead of making the trek back to West Virginia.

I met James at another wedding I was photographing. James was there as he frequently was, with a camera in his hand. Moments after we were introduced, he asked if I had any extra film he could borrow…quickly followed by a request for any extra batteries I could spare…That was James. I did and he proceeded to take some beautiful images that day. From that day forward, James always felt like family.

If you knew James, you knew that he was always laughing, always joking — in fact, in the images that I’ve seen of him on Facebook and at Mandy’s during the last week, it’s hard to find an image where he isn’t smiling. He wouldn’t want us to mourn his passing, but would encourage us to remember his smile and remind us that someday, hopefully soon, we will see that smile again.

Until that day, we thought we’d share these images of the James we knew and loved, and hope that remembering James and his smiling face will bring a smile to your face, too.

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