Questionnaire-Makeup and Light Hair Styling

Questionnaire-Makeup and Light Hair Styling

  • Your answers will help us give you the Session of your dreams!

    Professional Makeup services with our amazing Makeup Artist, as well as light hair styling is amazing for your confidence!

    With a talented beauty and photography team, your portraits will capture a moment in time, happily ever after.

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    • MAKEUP

      The makeup we include leans toward a very natural, polished and presentable look. Your best features, personal style and confidence will complement the qualities your loved ones love about you.

      You will look like a more polished version of yourself, not like someone your husband won't even recognize! You will shine through and your best features will stand out.
    • Check out some of Ever After's clients' before and afters!
    • If so, describe them.
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        • PLEASE NOTE: Any waxing, threading or tweezing procedures you have done should be scheduled no less than 3 to 5 days prior to your portrait session, so that brows are clean and any redness or irritation will have subsided prior to your portrait session.

          Makeup Services include Light Hair Styling.
          Updo's are not available at this time.

          Light Hair Styling includes adding waves, curls, touch-ups to straightening, and other light hair styling for you.

          As we are not equipped to wash and blow dry, we do not offer full service hair styling as a hair salon would.

          If you prefer more volume or having your hair professionally straightened or perhaps washed and blown straight, we recommend scheduling a salon service prior to your Portrait Session date/time, either the day before or well in advance of the start time we've set for your Makeup/Light Hair Styling.

          If you have a salon appointment for hair on the same day as your Portrait Session, we ask that you not only make it well in advance of the start time for your professional Makeup application here in our Studio, but that you allow for travel time.

          We ask that just the individuals that are having makeup and light hair arrive 2 hours before the Portrait Session start time for Makeup/Light Hair Styling.
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          • Would you welcome help with styling jewelry and accessories?

            If yes, please feel free to bring different jewelry/accessories, and we'll help you choose the best ones for you to wear for your Session!
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          • She also has a thick skin and welcomes critique. Our goal is to ensure you are not just satisfied but enthusiastic about your completed look. We can make adjustments as necessary before proceeding with the photography session.

            Will you agree to let her know your thoughts regarding how you look after she applies your makeup and styles your hair?
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          • Tips?

            *Tips for Makeup and Hair are not required but are appreciated by the Makeup Artist/Stylist.
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