Photographer family photo you’re looking for near Ashburn VA can lead you to this studio photographer!

Well, I wish I could put into words how totally thrilled Joriana was when she ran screaming, dancing, and just generally having what my momma would call a conniption when she got invited to join WPJA.
David Roberts even sent her a personal note about her work — how kewl is that?

The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). WPJA is an elite organization accepting less than 5% of the photographers who apply. Their members represent the most discriminating talent around the world technically, creatively and visually. Qualified members hold industry-leading standards, skills and business integrity and are set apart in the industry for their candid, documentary and distinctly artistic vision.

That she got invited is awesome, but that she is 19 is well…one of my proudest moments as a mother! Congratulations, Joriana, on this wonderful achievement!