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Washington, DC is a very popular location for engagement, wedding and Day After Sessions with Ever After Portraits.  As part of our wedding photography collections, you not only hire two wedding photographers, who specialize in wedding photojournalism or capturing the emotion of the moment, you are hiring wedding photojournalist who LOVE to work in DC.

Neither Jeremy or Keren were supposed to be at the gym one warm Saturday morning in August. However, a friend of Jeremy’s had convinced him to go in for a workout. Keren was out for a marathon training run with a friend and for some reason decided to go to the gym (not her usual gym, either!) for a workout, as well.


Keren spotted Jeremy from across the gym and thought he was so cute! Since she was acquainted with his workout partner, she was used going over and saying hi — this time as an excuse to get introduced to Jeremy!


Keren found out through chatting with Jeremy that he was a bodybuilder training for a competition, something she had a strong interest in pursuing. She asked if he would mind if she asked for some tips and maybe met up with him for a workout sometime, hoping he would ask for her number, but he never did (although Jeremy told her he’d have no problem if she joined him for a workout sometime).


Keren found out later that he completely forgot to ask her for her number!  So instead Jeremy looked Keren up on Facebook later that day and sent her a message, to which she immediately replied and they started emailing back and forth for several days. Keren then met up with him for a morning workout a couple of days after they met and he took a spin class that she was instructing the following day. They went for walks together outside of the gym both nights – staying up until 1am both times! – and on the second night they shared their first kiss! They’ve been together ever since. 🙂


We hope you both think the images we captured of you are as amazing as we think you are!


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