Top 10 Reasons To Commission Ever After For Art of Your Family….

You cherish your family – so how will you preserve your family memories?

How important to you are portraits that will be part of your life and your children’s lives?

Hiring experienced professionals with your choice of an indoor or 2.5 acre outdoor portrait photography studio is the ideal way to get the best results. After all, some things in life demand the best quality…for instance, would you purchase a bargain basement car seat for your newborn?

Is your family legacy — visual memories of you for your children to cherish — any less important?

Here’s the Top 10 Reasons to Commission Ever After for Art of YOUR family!

1. We start with creative vison…
Ever After has received international awards for their creative vision – and they will bring that artistic vision to your session. Taking photos is not only a skill, but an art, and Mindy and Joriana are portrait artists. Creating a portrait is more than just putting your subject in the frame, smiling and in focus.

2. We will seek to understand…
It’s important to us that we really understand your needs, your preferences and your special requests. Not only do we have experience putting adults and children alike at ease in front of the camera, but we will ensure that you look natural, prompting you to the best positions while being photographed, Expect us to gain your confidence and capture moments of true emotion that will enable you to proudly display the beauty of your family in your home.

3. Skillful use of equipment…
We take pride in using the best tools and equipment enabling the best result – art! Equipment is crucial when it comes to photography – professional cameras, pro lenses, lights, strobes, flashes, screens, triggers, reflectors and umbrellas, (the list goes on) will all make a huge difference in the beauty of the images. Owning it is one thing – ‘knowing how to use it’ and choosing the best tools for the job is another – we’ve mastered both and use them expertly in our indoor or outdoor portrait photography studio.

4. We’re experts…
When you commission Ever After to create art of your family, you are choosing skilled craftsmen who have perfected lighting, and the art of making you look your best. We understand light and knows how to manipulate and control it to get the desired artistic results. Did you know that the word Photography is derived from the Greek phot- for “light” and -graphos for “drawing”?

5. You’ll love our locations and Prop…
Ever After has a private portrait park. The gorgeous 2.5-acre outdoor portrait photography studio near Leesburg VA in Sterling VA is specially designed for portraits — it’s filled with charming locations and props, including a vintage truck, a creek, a pond, a bridge, pier, a barn, a swing, cattails, and vintage couches and chairs in various colors, sure to give your session a unique look Our large selection of props add flair to your finished wall art!

6. We’re experts in Post Production…
Professionally trained, Ever After is skilled in retouching with high end post production software. We’re experts in perfecting each image for the correct color, exposure, lens distortion and more to polish your images to perfection.

7. Only the best will do…Commercial, Professional Photo Labs
Because only the best will do for our discerning clients, Ever After has established excellent partnerships with the best photography product vendors in the US and worldwide. The labs we work with are available only to professional photographers, not to the general public.

8. Superior Product…Museum quality
Ever After focuses on capturing quality images and then preserving them as museum quality wall art — we have a unique selection of products to offer you.

9. Skilled at capturing ‘the moment’…
When you hire us, you are commissioning us to create art of your family – we are skilled artists who will capture a moment in time in a way you want to remember it.

10. 100% Guaranteed!
We also offer a 100% guarantee; we will not let you spend a dime if you are not absolutely thrilled with our work. It’s really that simple. We absolutely guarantee that you will be THRILLED, not just satisfied, or we will do whatever is necessary to see to it that you are thrilled or we will give you all your money back. We earn our reputation one client at a time – with quality, caring and friendliness as our hallmarks.


Our number one question is:

I want portraits – but what’s it going to cost me?

How much you will end up investing in your portrait is completely up to you. We do not have a minimum or required order so you buy only what you love. Typically, our clients LOVE our work, so they spend thousands, not hundreds because we specialize in fine art wall portraits. But the amount you choose to invest is up to you.

If you have any questions, please call us: 571.434.0009

We are looking forward to meeting your family and planning your portrait session.


~Mindy & Joriana~