Are you looking for a Portrait Studio in Sterling, VA? Portrait photography studios are harder — at least that showcase photographers that are experienced, professional, licensed and insured.

Washington, DC is a very popular location for engagement, wedding and Day After Sessions with Ever After Portraits.  As part of our wedding photography collections, you not only hire two wedding photographers, who specialize in wedding photojournalism or capturing the emotion of the moment, you are hiring wedding photojournalist who LOVE to work in DC.

Ashleigh and Eric:

He said, “It was as natural as breathing to have her in my arms” when he was asked how he knew Ashleigh was “the one”.  And as we got to spend a few hours with Eric and Ashleigh, it became apparent how natural their relationship with each other was.  Ashleigh teases Eric all the time, but Eric laughs and kids her right back.   Eric carries all the heavy things and Ashleigh makes sure Eric has new shoes.    Sometimes love is about the simple things…their relationship is easy and fun.

Eric met Ashleigh and after a month of getting to know each other, Eric asked Ashleigh to be his girlfriend!  Many good times were shared over the next years.  But on chilly winter day in New York City, Eric asked Ashleigh to be more than a friend, more than a girlfriend, but to be something much more permanent . . . his wife!

We look forward to the day when you exchange vows!  Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this slideshow!

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