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Washington, DC is a very popular location for engagement, wedding and Day After Sessions with Ever After Portraits. As part of our wedding photography collections, you not only hire two wedding photographers, who specialize in wedding photojournalism or capturing the emotion of the moment, you are hiring wedding photojournalist who LOVE to work in DC.

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Two sets of footsteps mold themselves into the sand, leading up the beach to two people.  Two friends.  Two lovers.  One is rather nervous as he hopes the other doesn’t notice the small square box lodged securely in his pocket.  The other is carefree, with nothing but the wind in her hair and the setting sun to admire.   Meet Jim and Jen.

Jim planned for this moment.  The moment in the Outer Banks, (with Jen’s family anxiously awaiting their return) to drop down on one knee, and ask the woman of his dreams if maybe, possibly, she would like to spend the rest of forever with him.  Jen’s face responds even before her words do.  Tears of happiness stream down her face as she accepts this man, Jim, to be her husband.

When we met Jim and Jen for the first time, this was the first story we heard.  Gosh, how romantic, we thought.  As time continued on, we planned for Jim and Jen’s engagement shoot.  We truly wanted it to be special, for such an awesome couple.  And I have to say, as we looked through the images, we agreed that this is one of our favorite shoots.  The setting sun, the backlit foliage, a gorgeous couple . . . everything was just perfect! We think this couple is perfect, too.

To Jim and Jen — thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your love story.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy our slideshow presentation!



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