As a Family Photographer, I photograph all over Virginia — in Oakton, VA, in Sterling, VA — even in Vienna. While we love photographing families, we have a special fondness for weddings and engagement sessions.

Washington, DC and Northern Virginia are both popular locations for engagement, wedding and Day After Sessions with Ever After Portraits.  As part of our wedding photography collections, you not only hire two wedding photographers, who specialize in wedding photojournalism or capturing the emotion of the moment, you are hiring wedding photojournalist who LOVE to capture the essence of the connection that two people share.

When you ask them, their stories are completely different.

Dan swears that she asked HIM out.

A smile lights Jen’s eyes as she assure you that that is just not true… she was discussing dinner with friends and being the type of girl she is, she felt it would just be rude not to include him.  And so she did.

Two different stories definitely converge  as memories of their shared history starting with those first few moments have grown into a certainty that this is the one person they see forever with.

If she had to pick out the moments when she knew…it was quite easy…when he sang Disney songs with her…when he was able to love her in all her glory and fill her days with fun…last Christmas, with her family,  she knew that he felt like family.

If you ask them, they will say…it just fit.

We think it fits, too — and we are so happy to be the photographers that have the privilege and honor to document this unique love that just fits.

Watch thier montage and let us know if you agree!


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