How to ADD COLOR to Your LEGACY Portrait

Thinking about adding color ?



This guide will help you pull your family’s clothing together for a well-styled look.

Use black or grey as the base with ONE added color – Red

This family chose red with a base color of black – don’t they look amazing?!

Here’s the secret – everyone has on red, but in a different article of clothing! 

This keeps the look feeling well-styled but not overly color coordinated.

Use black or grey as the base with ONE added color – Gold

This family chose a base color of black and added gold.

They used the secret – each lovely lady has included gold, but in a different way.

Again, this gives an overall well-styled look without being matchy-matchy.

Use navy as the base with ONE color – Blue

This family chose a base color of navy/blue.

This look is definitely monochromatic.

Shades of the same color – Plum

This family chose shades of plum  – we love this look!

Shades of TWO complementary colors – Blues and Greys

Mixing shades of two colors and patterns can be challenging to coordinate in a way that doesn’t clash – this family did all the right things!

Our preference is always to keep your clothing darker than your face, so that your expression draws the focus.

Our Personal Favorite?  Choose Clothing in Black or Very Dark to Light Grey for Timeless Appeal!


For a timeless look, we recommend that everyone have on a different shade of black or grey – bonus points for textured fabrics!


This family chose a theme of lace and damask, our personal favorite, in shades of black and grey.  Don’t they look fabulous?!


Black on black always looks classic and timeless. Dark colors tend to make you look slimmer. 


Short sleeves are fine, but we suggest that long or three-quarter length sleeves are more flattering.


Our background and lighting are tailored to render your portrait as a timeless work of art and requires dark, muted clothing to ensure that your family’s faces and features are the center of attention.


For that reason, with the exception of a white shirt under a dark jacket, we recommend every piece of clothing be either black, grey, or otherwise very dark in tone.
Choosing shades and tones of black and grey mean that colors never clash!

What Not to Do

• Clothing with white, light and mid-tone elements won’t make you look good, and is a distraction.

• Avoid busy patterns, stripes, and clothing with words, logos or pictures. 

• Polo/golf style shirts and casual cotton pants should be left at home.

• Don’t forget to apply common sense to your outfits.

• Everybody should not wear the same thing.

• You can’t fix clothing that doesn’t fit by rolling up the sleeves.