Portrait Agreement

Ever After, LLC
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  • Ever After Studio Policies

    Every business has policies to keep communication clear. The purpose of this document is to be transparent, set expectations for you and for us, putting everyone on the same page about what we do and how we do it. In exchange, we ask that clients indicate agreement with their signature.

    Having a clear understanding with our clients is so important that we won't photograph a session unless our studio policies are acknowledged with your signature.

    This document is between Ever After, LLC, and the Client/s and by paying our fee and signing, you agree to these policies, terms and conditions.

    Ever After, LLC's studios are at 46506 Oak Lane, Sterling, Virginia, 20165, call or text us at 571-434-0009.
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  • Definition of Client/s (That's you!)

    The person/s whose signature/s appear on this document is our client/s
  • Fee and Scheduling (I’ll show up on time!)

    Fee and Scheduling
    - To ensure that we are booking committed clients and to prevent no-shows and late cancellations, payment of our fee secures a session on our calendar.
    - This fee is 100% refundable for the cancellation of a session within the first 48 hours of payment, no questions asked.
    - Optional addons such as Studio Wardrobe or Hair and Makeup are NOT REFUNDABLE even in the event of the cancellation of a session.
    - Sales Tax applies to all fees.
    - You are under no obligation to purchase any portraits as there is no minimum purchase. Products are a separate purchase from the session or holding fee.
    - Please book ALL of your dates thoughtfully and with consideration, as rescheduling any type of appointment can not only be difficult, but will, at our discretion, incur a $200 Rescheduling Fee. The Rescheduling Fee can be used as a spending credit toward purchase.
    - We have a 14-day minimum rescheduling policy. If you provide 14 days or more advance notice to reschedule, your fee is automatically transferred to secure a new date for ONE (1) occurrence with your understanding that our calendar can be booked months in advance.
    - Please contact us immediately in the event you, the Client, anyone in your household or anyone attending the session with you becomes unwell. Please call the Studio at 571.434.0009 so that we can reschedule the session. The Studio will allow one (1) complimentary reschedule due to illness/Covid with less than 14 days' notice. After one (1) complimentary reschedule, the rescheduling fee will apply.
    - Portrait and Ordering Session dates are scheduled/rescheduled ONLY by phone. You must call the Studio at 571.434.0009 for any appointment changes.
    - Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather at the Studio's discretion. Outdoor Portrait Park Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather or moved inside to our Indoor Studio at the Studio's discretion.
    Late Arrival, No Shows, Cancelling
    - We won’t use the time you paid for, for someone else who arrived late. Out of respect for other clients, if you are 15 minutes late to your appointment, we will assist you in rescheduling to another day. The rescheduling fee will then apply.
    - If you fail to attend a Portrait or Ordering Session without notice you forfeit your session or holding fee. In addition, there is a $150 no-show fee.
    - Permanently canceled appointments or no shows will result in the loss of your fee and it will not be refunded.
    If wall snapshots are requested from you but not received, and/or if a Design Session is scheduled with you, but not held, and the Portrait Session cannot go forward, you will forfeit your session/holding fee.
    Arrive Early for Your Portrait Session
    - Sessions have a start and end time blocked off just for you.
    - Client agrees to arrive early, wait in their car and text us on arrival.
    Ordering Session
    - ​​​​​​​Portraits will be presented at an adults-only Ordering Session and will be scheduled for a weekday during normal business hours.
    - For family sessions, Spouses/Significant Others must BOTH be present for the Ordering Session from beginning to end.
    Quality and Training
    - Calls or sessions may be recorded by the Studio for quality and training purposes.
    - Your holding fee is fully refunded on the day of your ordering session as long as:
    1. All members of the immediate family are present for portrait session appointments
    2. BOTH Parents/all decisionmakers are present for ordering sessions appointments
    3. You choose not to place an order.
    If you do choose to order, your holding fee becomes a credit towards artwork purchased at that time. There is no obligation to purchase.
  • Payments (I pay for my time, not someone else's. Hurray!)

    - Clients who choose to pay by credit card authorize Ever After, LLC to charge to the card any fees, products or services purchased by the Client.
  • Copyright and Reproductions/Usage/Photo Release (I agree not to steal!)

    Client/s signature/s gives consent for this use and recognizes that no further notification is required, that signer is over 18 years of age, and that if any portrait Subject is a minor child, that you are the parent or duly authorized representative of that Subject and have read and understand this Model Release.
    Ever After, LLC
    - shall exclusively own the copyright to all portraits created and have the exclusive right to make reproductions in perpetuity.
    - may provide a written Usage License of ordered images.
    Client will not
    - make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing the sale of portraits or images.
    - copy or reproduce the portraits/images in any way without express written permission.
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    Touchups (Make me even more beautiful!)

    Basic Retouching
    - Is only done to portraits that are ordered. - Includes blemishes, circles and bags under the eyes.
    Premier Retouching
    - Includes, but is not limited to, reduction/elimination of small lines and wrinkles, teeth whitening, reducing red eyes and skin, skin softening, correction of hair/makeup, environmental effects, clothing, reflections in glasses, opening closed eyes, removal of fixtures, etc.
    - Premier Retouching or extensive touch-ups will incur a $75 fee per hour.
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    Custom Designs (Ever After, LLC will provide unique custom designs – I won’t ask for more than 2 changes)

    - Additional fees may be charged for anything redesigned or retouched more than 2 times.
    - Albums are designed with on average, 1 to 2 images per page.
    - Portraits ordered for the Album are final and cannot be changed at a later time.
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    Prices and Ordering (I'll pay for what I buy.)

    - You agree that you will think about your order before you place it and won’t call or email or contact us after you place it requesting to change it.
    - Any portraits that you, family members, or friends want must be ordered during the scheduled Ordering Session.
    - Portrait Orders are Final and cannot be refunded, cancelled or changed.
    - Additional ordering appointments will incur an additional fee.
    - All unordered images will be deleted after the Ordering Session even if no order is placed.
    - Credits not used during the Ordering Session will not be refunded for cash or future credit.
    - All orders will be delivered upon receipt of payment in full and take 4 to 8 weeks minimum for delivery from time of final payment.
    - Legacy products take longer due to their custom, handcrafted nature.
    - Estimates for delivery are truly just estimates.
    - Anything ordered will be delivered in one order, including digital products, at the same time; we do not split orders and deliver partial orders.
    - No return or exchanges are allowed except for manufacture defect on the item.
    - All defects must be reported within 3 calendar days from the receipt of the products and require a return label for proper processing.
    - There is a $35.00 fee for any bounced check.
    - Product prices and special offers shall be in effect for your Ordering Session only.
    - Tax and shipping is additional to all orders.
  • Products (What I can get!)

    Ever After has different product lines and our work is CUSTOM to each client.
    Guidance on starting prices is provided on our Investment Page here –
  • Personnel (Ever After, LLC's got you covered!)

    Ever After, LLC may have have an Associate Portrait Artist taking the photographs who shall be a competent professional and/or may have an Assistant take photographs under the supervision of Portrait Artist.
  • Exclusive Photographer (What we are)

    Ever After, LLC shall be the exclusive photographer/s retained by the Client/s for the purpose of photographing the session.
    No other cameras or video recording devices are allowed during the portrait or ordering sessions. Yes, this includes your cell phones!
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    Risk (I understand that Risk Brings Reward)

    - There is some degree of risk inherent in any activity, including photography.
    - Signature to this agreement means that you agree that Client/s, Client/s family including minor children, will hold harmless Ever After, LLC, their representatives, employees, property owner and Mindy Belcher and that they will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or dispute in the event you, your family members or anyone attending the session may become injured or ill during any part of the process of having his/her portrait taken, or during the ordering of portraits, after your session, while on the Studio premises.
    - Client/s acknowledges that he/she is the parent/guardian of any minor children photographed, and as such, has the right to consent to this waiver and assumption of risk.
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    Services (Portraits are important to me – I’ll follow the process)

    Certain information will be requested from clients so we can style your session and is required for us to do our best work.
    If clients are non-responsive to requests for longer than 10 days, we reserve the right to remove portrait and ordering dates from the calendar and retain any fee.
    Depending upon the session you choose, those requests may include:
    - providing requested snapshots
    - completing a requested "mom" call
    - completing a requested "dad" call
    - completing a Design Session
    Client agrees to be responsive to requests in a timely manner.
    We reserve the right to exclude anyone not dressed appropriately from an artist project book.
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    COVID (I will keep myself and others safe)

    - We may find it necessary to postpone your session if required by Governmental Authorities.
    - In the event anyone on our staff becomes unwell we may have to reschedule your session. If this is not possible, the Client will receive their holding or session fee in full.
    - In the event the Client, anyone in the Client’s household or anyone attending the session with the Client becomes unwell please call the studio so that we can reschedule the session. If this is not possible, the Client will receive their holding or session fee in full.
    - If anyone attending the session appears to have symptoms of the Covid virus (including but not limited to: a cough, fever or respiratory symptoms, mild or otherwise) they will be asked to leave immediately, and the session will be halted without notice or restriction.
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    Studio Liability and Performance (Ever After, LLC can't manipulate the time-vortex or make Superman appear. Be on time and bring your own tights!)

    - Ever After, LLC takes great care with respect to the exposure, processing, and delivery of photographs. In the event Ever After, LLC cannot comply with the terms of this contract due to negligence, oversight, accident, error, omission, any other avoidable or unavoidable circumstance, whether caused by Ever After, LLC or otherwise, Ever After, LLC and/or photographer/s’ liability for this or any other circumstance shall be limited to the amount paid up to that time by the client/s. Ever After, LLC does not guarantee to capture any particular image(s) or meet any particular aesthetic criteria as part of its performance.
    - Failure by the client/s to make any payment as and when agreed shall release the studio from any further responsibility under this contract, without the responsibility to return any monies previously paid to it under this contract.
    - To the extent provided by law, Client/s hold harmless Ever After, LLC, its officers, agents and employees from all liability, damage, cost or expense arising from claims for injury to persons, damage to property occasioned by reason of any conduct undertaken by reason of this contract (the hold harmless will not apply to the extent an injury is caused by the gross negligence of or the willful misconduct of Ever After, LLC, its officer, agents or employees). Ever After, LLC has the right to refuse service to anyone.
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    Code of Conduct (We'll be kind to each other)

    We expect all our clients to maintain an appropriate level of conduct.
    Inappropriate Verbal or Physical Conduct to Our Staff
    - Raising your voice to any staff.
    - Profane, obscene, or abusive language; racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation comments or gestures.
    - Taking any property, inventory or materials owned by Ever After, LLC.
    - Vandalize our property by writing, marking, scribbling, defacing, or causing destruction to the property in any manner.
    - Possess, use, or sale any controlled substance while we are on the property or in our presence.
    - We will do our best to keep an open line of communication and information and ask that you do the same.
    - All complaints from both the client and session attendees must be done OFFLINE and give Ever After, LLC the opportunity to conduct a proper review and address any issue.
    - This does not imply nor stop the client or attendee from posting an honest review, we are just asking for the opportunity to correct if an issue or problem arises.
    - We ask that any reviews are done only by the client.
    - Cyberbullying and any attempt to extort Ever After, LLC will be pursued in a legal manner.
    - You have 15 calendar days to communicate any issues in writing, otherwise your complaint and review is non-valid.
    - Any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of services between Ever After, LLC, and client.
    - This will be effective immediately and there will be 100% total forfeiture of all monies paid to Ever After, LLC.
    - It is also a violation of our policies to post any negative comments, reviews or verbally advertising.
    - We strictly prohibit any negative or inaccurate reviews, media, social, blog and all online negative behavior of our company.
    - Please contact us to discuss any issues you may have encountered. Any violation may be addressed in a legal manner..
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    Governing Law (State and Federal Law - I'm a good citizen!)

    - Ever After, LLC and Client/s agree the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Loudoun, shall govern the validity, construction, and performance of this Agreement, without regard to its conflict of law principles.
    - Any actions relating to this Agreement shall be brought in the state or federal courts located in and serving the Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Loudoun. Client/s assume/s responsibility for any and all collection costs and legal fees incurred by Ever After, LLC in the event enforcement of this Agreement becomes necessary.
  • Counterparts (You are who you say you are - and so are we!)

    - Client/s and the Studio agree that signatures by facsimile transmission or electronic scan, and using electronic and email signatures are acceptable and shall have the same force and effect as if an original signature.
  • Studio Policies

    - By signing, with or without payment, you, the Client/s, agree and acknowledge the published Studio Policies we operate under detailed here, that you have legal authority to grant copyright permissions and accept all responsibility for such as stated.
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