Our Standard

With Love


Our Standard Session

With Love

Our Standard With Love Session is a 20-minute Portrait Session to quickly capture a petite collection of portraits (45 minutes total studio time).

If your ideal is just a few portraits to choose from and a short session, this one is for you!

  • Simple poses and styling
  • Option of a convenient Zoom Ordering Session appointment from the comfort of your home.
  • Products purchased separately.

Note: $300 REFUNDABLE holding fee 100% happily refunded at your Ordering Session appointment!



What is


Prepurchase $1500 anytime UP to and INCLUDING the day of your Portrait Session and we will say thank you with YOUR choice of bonus!


Choose between our ICE BLOCK or our STEEL bonus.


If you choose to prepay $2500, you will get to choose two BONUSES. Prepay $3500, and you get three!


You can pay as much money as you want upfront and to earn those bonuses right up to the day of your PORTRAIT SESSION.

Just remember, you are NOT committing to a particular package or product right now. You’re simply paying like a Studio credit that can be applied towards whatever you want when you see your portraits!


You decide at the Ordering Session which portraits you love. Then you decide what products you want. So you will make your final decision about the choice of BONUS on the day of your ORDERING SESSION.



Don’t forget…

these make the

Perfect Gifts

for grandparents!



Our Ice Block

Our Steel Standup

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about the

With Love


We Offer



Choose your

With Love Package…

then add on

additional products

you love!

Canvas Art Blocks

Frameless canvas wrapped around a wood block frame

Mounted Prints

Hard mounted, textured and coated for longevity

Portrait Box

Store your mounted portraits in this keepsake

With Love Album

Handcrafted lay flat albums

Metal Storyboard

Our metal storyboard is the perfect size for your child’s room

Metal Desk Strip

Show off your family on your desk at work with our metal desk strip


Be sure

to watch the Video below

to understand why

family portraits

are so important!



Happiness Guarantee

Here’s a little secret – the majority of our clients spend over $1500.


Since you will most likely do the same, why not take advantage of our Prepurchase Offer?


Got questions?


Call or Text Us at 571.434.0009



Our Clothing Guide!

Be Sure to


Check Out Our Clothing Guide!


Look through this handy little

Clothing Guide for amazing clothing

suggestions and great tips.

We’ve created this guide

specifically for our families!



Still not sure what to wear?

Visit these links!

Please take a few moments and visit the links below for some other suggestions on looks that work well for Family Portrait Sessions.


A MUST read


Your ORDERING session

By way of reminder…

  • There is no MINIMUM product purchase required….but don’t be mad at us if you want them ALL!
  • Your Ordering Session is the time you place your order and pay OR make payment arrangements.
  • We don’t START an Ordering Session if a parent is NOT present.
  • Please make sure for both parents to block off a FULL  2.5 hours for the Ordering Session.
  • All orders must be placed at the Ordering Session for the GIFT CERTIFICATE to be valid.
  • ANYONE wanting to view or order MUST be present at the Ordering Session as this is the only time to order without additional COST.
  • All decisions must be made at the time of your Ordering Session and your order placed. If an additional meeting is required, there will be a $200 fee for a second Ordering Session.
  • Please do not schedule another appointment immediately following your Ordering Session.
  • NOTHING goes online and there will be no proofs to take home.
  • Please be aware that our process requires deleting what you DON’T purchase from your session. If you don’t want it, we understand – but if you don’t want it, we don’t either so we don’t keep them.
  • Our preferred method of payment is cash and we can do Venmo or Zelle – and if you want to pay in full, we won’t turn it down – but we do accept Visa, MC, AMEX and also have special financing options available, so you are welcome to take advantage of that, too.
  • In general, your product order will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to be delivered to you after your final payment is processed.
  • To honor your family and to fully enjoy your portraits, we will ask that you please SILENCE/PUT AWAY your PHONES during the Ordering Session.
  • ALL sales are final.

Straight From Our Heart…

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What We Believe?

We believe the people you love the most, your family, should be the heart of every home.

How will you pass on your family legacy to your grandchildren?